About us

StarLightMedia is the largest Ukrainian media group. It includes 6 channels — STB, ICTV, Novy Channel, M1, M2, QTV — and another 10 companies united by production and distribution of high quality content and events for mass audience.

STB is an absolute leader of the most coveted by advertisers female audience (here and further data of Nielsen’s people-metric panel, belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia). This is the channel that every day proves that ‘Everything is possible!’ (It is STB’s slogan).

ICTV is a channel with the temper. It’s got powerful journalistic broadcasting. It is the country’s leader of the most hard-hitting audience — ‘male 25-45’.

Novy Channel offers: ‘Let’s live together’. It’s the most popular channel among Ukrainian youth.

М1 and М2 channels are music, pop charts, world and Ukrainian, 24/7, in a stereo mode.

QTV is a favorite animation channel of the country, the leader of Ukrainian TV market among ‘boys aged from 8 to 80’.

According to the last year-end results, StarLightMedia is the leader of television viewing of all target audiences. In 2016  the group’s share for audience of 14-49 has made 28,55% (here and further figures are given for 50K+, Nielsen’s television audience research data belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia). The margin over closest competitor is 57%.

The group consists of three Sales Houses: StarLight Sales (direct advertising), StarLight Brand Content (sponsorship and product placement), and StarLight Digital Sales (online and mobile advertising).

The proportion of group’s television inventory in the first half of 2015 accounted for a third of Ukrainian market of TV advertising (34.7% for 14-49 50K+). Holding is able to meet any advertiser’s needs concerning coverage, frequency and quality of the contact.

StarLightMedia develops its own production and has production companies. There are three of them: StarLight Films (TV serials), StarLight Commercial Production (direct advertising and brand integration into TV shows), and Vavёrka Production (comic TV genres).

The holding includes two service companies for providing video production: StarLight Rental (rental of shooting equipment) and StarLight Scenery (developing and production of scene and props).

The department of online project development StarLight Digital. Besides television, StarLightMedia has a strong Internet component: hundreds of hours of high quality online video. Group’s videos in the Internet were watched 150 million times over the last year.

Today our group is trend-setting in television and advertising; it seeks opportunities for development and unconventional ideas. We take part in sectoral initiatives such as #KinoKraiina (FilmCountry), Chyste Nebo (Clear Sky). We create social projects of national importance — Dobrii Znak (Good Sign), Svoie Teplo (Your Warmth).

We consider our main corporate aim to be the substantive improvement of life around us. An average Ukrainian stands in our focus. We are sure that we live in a very prospective country with intelligent and hardworking people. We are full of empathy, and as well as the participants of our projects we believe in determination, honesty and the fact that one day your special moment will surely come, the main thing is never to give up.

Almost 4’000 people with constructive and optimistic approach to life work in StarLightMedia. Here are the leaders of our teams, the top management of the group.

Volodymyr Borodianskyi, CEO of StarLightMedia, Head of STB channel. He became a Head of STB in 2004. Starting from that year, STB has been increasing its audience every year, from 3% in 2004 to 10% in 2015 (for audience aged 14-49, in cities with 50 thousand+ citizens). Volodymyr Borodianskyi came into television from finance industry. In 1997, he graduated from the Finance and Economics Faculty of Kyiv National Economic University, worked as a commercial director of Moskovsky Komsomolets v Ukraine (Moscow Komsomol member in Ukraine) magazine, then as a head of the department of Alfa-Bank media asset management (he was in charge of such business projects as Novy Channel, Nashe Radio (Our Radio), Moskovsky Komsomolets v Ukraine (Moscow Komsomol member in Ukraine)). Since the March, 29, 2012 Volodymyr Borodianskyi has been combining the management of both STB channel and StarLightMedia Group.

Olexandr Bohutskii, Director-President of ICTV TV channel, a board member of EastOne investment and consulting company. He graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of the Lviv University with the PhD degree. In 1991, he began his career in journalism as the editor of the first independent Ukrainian radio station, Radio Nezalezhnist (Independence Radio). He worked in the press and on television. In 1994, he headed the press center of Tavriiski Ihry (Tavria Games) JSC, and was an unfailing host of the eponymous music festival. Since 2000, he has been a Director-President of ICTV channel. From November 2009 till March 2012, Olexandr Bohutskii worked as a Head of StarLightMedia Group. In March 2012, he took the position of EastOne board member, where he now implements management strategies of business assets in the business portfolio.

Volodymyr Lokotko, CEO of Novy Kanal. Volodymyr Lokotko has got two universities degrees in Economics: he graduated from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics, and the Moscow School of Economics. After that he also received a diploma of Ostankino TV-School. Volodymyr was responsible for the financial audit of media assets as well as business planning and financial modeling of new projects in Gazprom-Media media holding. From 2006 to 2012, he was in charge of the investment management processes and improvement of the operating efficiency of media assets, which were under the mandate of EastOne investment and consulting group. Since May 2012, he has been holding the position of Novy Channel’s CEO.


Serhii Pertsev, CEO of M1 and M2 channels. Serhii Pertsev has been working on M1 since the day of its foundation. He made his way from a video graphic designer and art director to the position of the general producer of M1 and M2. In 2003, he founded A7:TELEVISION company which by 2016 became one of the leading production companies in Ukraine. In 2011 and 2012, Serhii Pertsev received Teletriumf award in the nomination of TV-design for the graphic design of M1. In 2015, M1 established M1 Music Awards, the first music award, and its general producer is Serhii Pertsev.

Ilya Semenov, Head of QTV channel. Ilya Semenov headed QTV in 2008. In 1998, he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Moscow Aviation Institute, and in 2002 he finished a postgraduate course of the Finance Academy under the Government of Russia. He has been involved into TV industry since 2001. From 2006 till 2008, he worked on STB as a marketing specialist.

Evhenii Bondarenko, COO of StarLightMedia. He graduated from the Russian Institute of Economics and Finance at the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering. He got 2 MBA degrees from the Executive Academy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) and Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota (USA). He started his professional career in 1997, held management positions in the sphere of economics and finance in various companies in Russia, and in 2004 became a deputy director of the performance management of TNK-BP Ukraine. In 2006, he began a 6-year journey in EastOne investment and consulting company, where he worked as a director of performance management, responsible for improving the efficiency of business portfolio, including strategy development, long-term and annual business planning, audit and optimization of business processes, setting and evaluating the annual and long-term goal achievement. Since June 2012, he has been a COO of StarLightMedia Group.


Anatolii Maksymchuk, Vice-President of the Group. Anatolii Maksymchuk graduated from Faculty of Law of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” in 2002. He studied in Ukrainian School of Political Studies (Legislative Initiatives Laboratory Project); Summer University for Democracy at the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France); Summer School of Media at the Media Law Institute. Since June 2004, he has been working on STB channel, first as a Legal Department Director, now as a Deputy General Director of the channel and the Group. Prior to StarLightMedia, Anatolii worked in XXI Century holding company. He is a member of the Public Council at the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting, of the Public Council at the Ukrainian State Film Agency; of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine. Besides, he is one of the curators of #KinoKraina project.


Fedor Grechaninov, CSO of StarLightMedia. He is an alumnus of Kyiv National Economic University. From 1996 till 2003, he worked at Alfa Capital Ukraine and Alfa Bank, where he grew from the position of the analyst up to the head of corporate finance. Together with partners, he founded Griffon Capital investment and banking company, which in 2007, as a result of restructuring and re-branding of the company, became Mosaic Group. In 2011-2012, he worked as the Chairman of Socrates finance company. Since 2012, he has been a CSO of StarLightMedia.


Taras Shydlyk, CFO. In 1999, he graduated from the Institute of International Relations at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. He began his professional career in the banking sector. Then, he worked for Ernst&Young audit company for 6 years, and for EastOne investment and consulting company for 2 years. He came to StarLightMedia in August 2008, having taken the position of CFO.

Andrii Partyka, CEO of StarLight Sales and StarLight Brand Content Sales Houses.

andrii tiuleniev portrait
Andrii Tiulenev, a managing director of StarLight Brand Content Sales House. Professional manager in content, media and advertising. He headed the editions and marketing departments of the Ukrainian Media Holding. Managing Director of StarLight Brand Content Sales at StarLight Media since 2005. Member of the Board of Directors of the European Association of TV and Radio Sales. EMBA Candidate for London Business School.

Svitlana Mohylevska, Head of StarLight Digital Sales. She graduated from Volodymyr Dal East-Ukrainian National University, and has been working in the sphere of advertising and marketing for more than 15 years. Since 2003, she has been working in the sphere of digital-marketing. She has experience in the advertising agency as well as online-publisher. She was the part of Ukr.net portal team, in which she was engaged in the developing of the partner network. Before joining StarLightMedia, she managed the Customer Service Department of the Ukrainian office of Mail.ru Group Company for 2 years. At the beginning of 2012, she came to StarLightMedia, having taken the position of the Director of the Marketing Department of Online Advertising. Since the end of 2012, she’s been a Head of the Digital Sales House of StarLight Digital Sales Group.

Maksym Lytvynov, Head of StarLight Films. In 2007, he received a diploma of the TV-director of Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television. From 2008 till 2012, he held the position of the chief director of the TV-versions of such projects as Tantsiuiut Vsi (Everybody’s Dancing), Ukraina Maie Talant (Ukraine’s Got Talent), X-Faktor (X-Factor) on STB. Since 2012, he has been working as a chief director and producer of such TV-series as Shvydka Dopomoha (Emergency), Koly my vdoma (When we’re home), and has been directing all the projects of StarLight Films.

Dmytro Tankovych, Head of Vavёrka Production. He has been on STB channel since 2009. A host of such STB’s TV-projects as Tantsiuiut Vsi (Everybody’s Dancing), Tantsi z Zirkamy (Dancing With the Stars), Kub (The Cube), Ukraina Maie Talant (Ukraine’s Got Talent), Kulinarna Dynastiia (Culinary Dynasty), and others. Since 2013, he has been working as a Head of Vavёrka Production. He is a creative producer of Koly my vdoma (When we’re home) scetchcom.

Kateryna Makhatadze, Head of StarLight Commercial Production.

Lubov Saraikina, Head of StarLight Rental. Lubov Saraikina graduated from International Science and Technology University majoring in legal aspects of management. She’s been in media business since 2003, having started in North Donbass Radio Unit of Golden Gramophone Ukraine media holding on the position of Sales Manager. She came to StarLightMedia in 2007, as a Head of the commercial sales documentary maintenance department of STB. In 2008 she became a leading financier, was a producer of in-house projects (Kholostiak, Fenomen, Tantsiuiut Vsi!). Since 2013, she’s been an Operating Officer of StarLight Rental, and since the end of 2015, she’s been in charge of the Division.