StarLightMedia Day

Each year StarLightMedia group organizes an event for its advertisers. Sometimes it’s in the form of an industry conference, and sometimes in the form of a festival.

We invited our advertising partners to StarLightMedia Day 2015, which took place on 17 December, 2015, in the renewed Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH) Concert Hall.

A short summary about Group’s plans became a logical continuation of the retrospective into the history of Ukrainian television, which proves that everything is possible: you just need to set the goal and pursue it. The presentation was in a Star Wars style, as it was the day of the Ukrainian premiere of the seventh film of this world-renowned movie franchise.

We celebrated StarLightMedia Day 2016 in September, traditionally having invited advertisers to VDNH Concert Hall.

We presented our future plans to advertisers, who became the guests of our celebration, in a form of a video. And to make the acquaintance with our ambitious year goals easy and pleasant, we added a pinch of self-irony and a good portion of humor to our video. So, we told about our ‘Season of Changes’ and announced all projects of 6 Group’s channels with a smile.

And continued we our celebration also with a smile, but now a mysterious one. Guests of StarLightMedia Day watched a pre-premiere of a terribly amusing show, Dim Taiemnychukh Pryhod

Besides, all visitors of StarLightMedia Day 2016 received unusual presents. They became owners of pet GRP – magical creatures that turn ads into sales

The photos from StarLightMedia Day 2015 are here and here.

The coverage of the Day by ICTV journalist Dasha Selfie.