Dobryi Znak

Dobryi Znak (Good Sign) is independent quality mark that was established by TV channel STB in 2014. It is based on the strictest requirements for product quality and safety. Participation in Dobryi Znak project means a complex check of the manufacturing process and the product itself on meeting Ukrainian and European standards for food quality and safety.

Bila Liniia dairy products, Tulchynka vegetable-cream mixes, GOOD FOOD sour, Karpatska Dzherelna mineral water, Rud and Lasunka ice-cream, and also Semki unshelled roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are already awarded with thе Dobryi Znak mark.


Receiving of Dobryi Znak consists of two stages. At the first stage the international auditors directly check the manufacture according to the one of the most demanding systems in the world — IFS Food. All factories where the product is manufactured are checked regardless of their location. Special attention is paid to the verification of the technological processes, raw material safety, reliability of suppliers, production lines. Then the product just from the store shelf is taken and sent to Eurofins Scientific laboratory. Audit Department of Dobryi Znak compares the results of laboratory testing with the documents, in which the Ukrainian and European food quality and safety requirements are explained. The consolidated document with the requirements for food quality and safety is formed at international certification bodies with the consideration of the relevant national and European standards and requirements. Only after the successful completion of each stage the product is given Dobryi znak mark for a period of 1 year. As long as there is a mark on the packaging, auditors periodically check quality and safety of the product.

For the second year in a row TM Tulchinka vegetable-cream mixes to successfully tested in European laboratories and obtain recognition of national system of products’ quality and safety control, Good Mark.


The process of obtaining Dobryi znak mark is held only on the initiative of the manufacturer or distributor.

The mission of Dobryi znak is to differentiate those companies, which care about the quality and safety of their products.

In August 2016, a notorious scandal took place: during the test of the dairy products for children, antibiotics were found in some of the samples. Dobryi Znak, a project for strict independent inspecting of products’ quality and safety, decided to independently tests the brands from such categories as ‘milk for children’ and ‘yoghurts for children’ and at its own expense. (these trademarks haven’t been inspected by Dobyi Znak earlier). In August, auditors of Dobryi Znak took samples of dairy products for children of 5 manufacturers from store shelves (all data were logged) and sent them to Eurofins: Na Zdorovye 3,2% milk for children (Loostdorf company), Tioma 1,5% yoghurt with apple filling (Danone Ukraine company),  Ahoosha 2,7% yoghurt with apple and pear filling (Wimm Bill Dann company), Maliatko Vitaminizovane milk of Zlahoda brand (Pridniprovskyi company) , Yahotynske Dlia Ditei milk (Yagotynsky Butter Plant company). The results of laboratory testing showed that all investigated products contain no antibiotics (products were tested for the presence of 58 antibiotics, including those that are not standardized in Ukraine).

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