'Channel with the temper’ with mostly male audience and famous for its news and analitycal programs

ICTV is the first Ukrainian private national TV broadcaster. It was launched on June 15, 1992. It discovered popular worldwide series for Ukrainians and gave them perfect Ukrainian dubbing (for example, Alf series in Ukrainian is extremely entertaining). ICTV has outstanding air identity, which is proved by multiple PromaxBDA awards.

ICTV’s slogan is ‘Channel with the character’.

The channel owns one of the largest non-governmental broadcasting networks in Ukraine. The broadcasting time of the channel – 24 hours a day. The primary audience of ICTV is men and women from 18 to 60, the target audience – men aged 25-55 years.

ICTV is famous for its daily news Facts
Kollaj_FAKTIand Fakts with Oksana Sokolova weekly analytical program. Website Fakty.ictv.ua  is one of the most rapidly growing news resources of Ukraine. During the 2014-2015  site firmly entrenched in the top-15 of news websites, according to Gemius. Channel’s news mobile application, Fakts, is one of the most downloaded news apps.
Kollaj_SOKOLOVAExtreme News, featuring Konstiantyn Stogniy, gives viewers relevant information, based on the principle ‘forewarned is forearmed’.

Freedom Of Speech moderated by Andriy Kulikov, was the first big political talk show on Ukrainian television, and it has been still staying on the top. Kollaj_SvobodaSlovaICTV has launched powerful social and publicistic projects of resonance reports and journalistic investigations which became very popular and immediately got high ratings: Сivil Defense, Secret Front, Insider, Anti-Zombie. The programs highlight the most pressing problems of the country: corruption, malfeasance of officials, and helplessness of ordinary person in the banking, healthcare and other spheres of our daily life. On March 1, an unprecedented project in the genre of observational factual reality – Patrol went on the air of ICTV.
Kollaj_GO_Insayder_Antizombi_SFThe breakthrough for national media was documentary cycle, created by ICTV: Revolution of Honour, Right Sector. Radical Syndrom, (Un)disguised War, Ukraine-2041, Вrotherhood of Red Cross, Special Unit. Come Back Alive, Volunteers, which showed different sides of difficult for Ukraine 2014-2015 years. Kollaj_Revoluciya_Bratstvo_td

Morning show Morning in the Big City was launched in 2015 with the joking anchors and optimistic talks on the latest news stories, current affairs, upcoming events, invited newsmakers, celebrities, experts and human interest guests.
Kollaj_UTROICTV has been offering high quality movies and series to its audience. 2015 is called ‘the autumn of big premiers’: there are 8 new series of Ukrainian production.

The second season of the series The Sniffer of Film.UA production impressed American critics before the premiere: The Sniffer – 2 took third place at the US International Film & Video Festival. Also it was awarded by Certificate for creative excellence in the category of ‘mini-series’. The Sniffer  is a history of a man who has a strange gift supersensitive smell. The sniffer reveals intricate crimes. He always help when traditional methods of investigation are powerless.Kollaj_Nuxach

Action series Dog, filmed in partnership with Pro TV, was loved by the audience  immediately. First show has collected record figures as for Ukrainian cinema — share of 15.57%, rating 4.77% for the 18-54 audience 50K+, thus gaining absolute superiority in the slot for the day. It is a story about ex-officer of crimes investigations who lost everything, but found a new friend — a dog who became its fellow in the new fight for justice.Kollaj_PesNikonov and Co psychological thriller (made in partnership with Film.UA and Mama’s Production) tells about genius but wheelchair-bound investigator, ill-tempered but perfect analyst.Kollaj_NikonovKoVolodymyrska, 15 series (made in partnership with Film.UA) demonstrates four Kyiv police officers – honest and professional — that effectively solve dangerous crimes.Kollaj_Volodimirskaya15Department 44 (made in partnership with Pro TV) is a series about dream team of the investigators with ‘Think first’ motto.

Investigators series (made in partnership with Mama’s Production) shows real cops and lawyers.Kollaj_SledovateliSelf-defense Patrol series  is an urban docudrama that tells about Kyiv detective stories investigated by the local amateurs.

Constantine Code tells about an ex-police officer from the special secret department who now deals with mystic crime affairs as a private detective.

ICTV also actively develops comedy content. Since 2015  TV channel consistently airs concerts of one of the best comedy teams Diesel Studio, sketchkom On Three. Dizel Studio  makes viewers laugh with its ‘news that makes weekend closer’ on Fridays (Diesel Morning).
Kollaj_DIZEL_newICTV’s share in 2015 was 9.82% for channel’s core target audience M25-55, 50K+ (Nielsen’s television audience research data belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia).

CEO and President of ICTV is Oleksandr Bohutskyi


News portal — fakty.ictv.ua

+380 44 288 19 19 (Facts)
+380 44 323 23 83 (Extreme News)

Public relations department — [email protected]

For press enquiries — Sabina Abliaieva

01033, 11 Pankivska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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