Knowledge Center

As a market leader, StarLightMedia does a lot for the development of the industry. Including the implementation of educational initiatives.

On September 20, 2013, StarLightMedia organized a lecture for the group’s advertisers called «Role of TV in the marketing of the XXI century», which was held in Kyiv by the British researcher and media philosopher David Brennan. He talked about how advertisers are to use television effectively in the multi-screen era.

On October 16, 2013, the group held an industry conference on TV advertising. It was attended by more than 500 participants; 21 speakers, whose reports were divided into 7 sections according to the marketing situations, were involved.

StarLight Sales implemets «TV-school for advertisers» on a regular basis. The project provides training seminars for marketers of the companies that have not been previously advertised on television. «We have deliberately departed from the ‘full house’ format, so that our new advertiser could get all the exact information they need in 2-3 hours,» – claims StarLight Sales.

In 2014, StarLightMedia implemented TV Dostupno (TV Accessible) entertaining and educational project for those, who only start their immersion into TV. We share our knowledge of TV in the easy and accessible form; we talk about what happens today in this king of the media, how best to use telly for sales growth.

StarLightMedia is a regular partner of industry conferences for marketeers, for example, The Marketing Directors Forum, Kyiv International Advertising Festival (KIAF), Effie Awards. Group’s experts are in the jury of this prestigious international advertising campaign competition. StarLight Digital Sales has been awarding a special KIAF prize for the best integration of television and the Internet for several years.

StarLightMedia’s specialists regularly share their experience on the marketing and business conferences and give lectures within the framework of various educational programs.

Those who have decided to pursue their careers in TV, can develop screenwriting, directing, camerawork and journalistic skills in the Media Academy TalentLive STB. Lectures, workshops, practice — all to make Academy students professionals of international level.TL_Logo Obshhaya-fotografiya_zhurnalisty-rezhissery