Channel of today hi-end Ukrainian music

M2 was launched in 2007 as a satellite-cable TV channel with 24/7 broadcasting of music videos in stereo for a wide audience with the ‘Only Music’ motto.

Since May 1 of 2015, M2 channel has completely changed its format and started to broadcast only those music videos, which involve Ukrainian musicians, songwriters, producers, directors and others in producing process. The reason for such change of format was a new stage in the development of Ukrainian music, when a new generation of Ukrainian musicians with bright ideas and high level of talent and performance made it possible to fill the channel, which is broadcasting exclusively local music non-stop 24/7.

Holovnyi Hit-Parad Ukrainy/Main Hit-Chart of Ukraine is top 20 most popular music videos of M2. Every day – chart of previous day, every Sunday – weekly chart with Erika as a host.


Pershyi Ukrainskyi Hit-Parad/The First Ukrainian Hit Parade presents top 10 best music videos in the Ukrainian language.

Vsi Clipy/All Clips — music videos of certain artists in a chronological order.

Yak Tse Bulo/How was it is the show about the history of Ukrainian show-biz.

M2: switch on yours!

CEO of M2 — Valentyn Koval

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