The Lviv Yeast® Received Dobryi Znak Quality Label 28 april 2016

Two products of Enzyme Company — pressed bakery yeast and dry baking yeast of The Lviv Yeast TM — have passed Dobryi Znak (Good Sign) national quality and safety campaign.

The Commercial Director of Enzyme Company PJSC, Serhii Lavrov says: “When we learned about Dobryi Znak project, two things have caught our attention first of all. First is that, unlike other similar projects, Dobryi Znak requires rigid compliance with European standards. For us, as a manufacturer that has more than 50% of products exported to Western Europe, it was of the paramount importance. The second is that the test of production process is conducted according to the European and Ukrainian standards. After all, we are a leader in the baking yeast category in our country.”

Production of Enzyme Company was tested by international certified auditors on the basis of the ‘check-list’, created according to the requirements of IFS standard. It turned out that, for the category of yeast, Ukrainian standards are much stricter than in Europe due to the peculiarities of the national law. There is an All Union State standard for this type of product in Ukraine, while Europe is covering it only by general regulations of the food hygiene (CAC / RCP-1, Codex Stan193, etc.). In particular, The Lviv Yeast products were tested in Eurofins independent accredited laboratories (Poland, Slovakia). Quality control was carried out according to the such important for the yeas products category criteria as humidity, dried residue, lift and acidity. Also, the following safety parameters were taken into account: absence of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, copper, zinc), radionuclides (cesium-137, cesium-134, strontium-90), pathogenic organisms (mold fungi, pathogens, including salmonella, bacteria of E. coli, staphylococcus aureus).

The Lviv Yeast by Enzyme, a Ukrainian manufacturer, taken from a store shelf of the simple Ukrainian store by Dobryi Znak representative, has successfully passed all stages of testing. Therefore, The Lviv Yeast has received a one-year right to insert Dobryi Znak label on the packaging.