From 10 December, at VDNH Concert-Hall, a large-scale off-air 3D show for the whole family, from producers of Baron Munchausen musical performance and Dim Taiemnychykh Pryhod (House of Mysterious Adventures) multi-genre show, Vartovi Mrii (Dream Keepers), will be shown.

Vartovi Mrii is a unique Christmas fairytale for the whole family from the producer Konstiantyn Tomilchenko. Talented dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, circus performers will again gather together on the same stage, and the latest 3D-technologies will help to create a modern high-tech show.

The fairytale is about a homeless boy Max, who meets a magical Cat, the Dream Keeper, on Christmas Eve. Together, overcoming many difficulties, they have to save a magical star because an evil dragon wants to steal it. On their way, they meet good fairies and mighty horntigers that help them to save the star from the villain.

Authors of the idea are a producer of STB off-air projects and the judge of Tantsiuiut Vsi! show on STB Kostiantyn Tomilchenko and a Head of STB Creative Unit Tala Onyshchuk.

Soundtrack for STB’s off-air project was written by Dmytro Shurov, a musician and a leading singer of Pianoboy. The leading part is played by 14-year-old Dmytro Kuriata. Viktoria Bassarab, STB’s chief makeup artist, is responsible for a unique plastic makeup. Modern technologies will help to create an atmosphere of a fairytale.

Vartovi Mrii Christmas 3D show will be performed from 10 December till 20 January in Kyiv at VDNH Concert-Hall (1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave). Tickets are available at the box offices across the city, by phone 0-800-508-308 and online:

Producer — Konstiantyn Tomilchenko

Idea and development — Tala Onyshchuk, Konstiantyn Tomilchenko

Soundtrack — Dmytro Shurov