On 30 November, YouTube channel of Vse Bude Dobre (Everything’s Going to Be All Right), a family show of useful advice on STB, achieved 1 million subscribers, and received a Gold Play Button award from the video-sharing platform for it.

It is the first Ukrainian TV show, whose YouTube channel gained 1 million subscribers. Now, Vse Bude Dobre has 1,001,789 subscribers and the number is constantly growing.

On average, based on the results of the last five months, the number of subscribers has been increasing by 1,450 people a day.

Channel of Vse Bude Dobre was created on the video-sharing platform on 13 September 2012. The project gained the biggest number of subscribers in 2016 – 441 732 people. In general, there are 310 million views on the channel.

During the existence of the channel, users have watched 1.8 billion minutes, which is equal to 3455 years and 282 days. Also, during this time, channel’s videos accumulated 2.68 million likes.

Most of the channel’s audience (72%) are women. The largest numbers of views are observed in such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany and the United States.

The most popular video has become a section from 30/03/15 – Poses That Will Solve Problem in Bed, which has received more than 7 million users’ views.

For the record, first broadcast of Vse Bude Dobre TV-magazine on STB was on 2 July 2012. Every episode consists of 5-7 sections, for example, Cooking, Style & Beauty, Health & Sport, Losing Weight, Home, Finance, Psychology, Handmade etc. The project is on from Monday through Thursday at 16.00.