ICTV is launching a travel-show – Pershyi Raz Za Kordonom/First Time Abroad 21 march 2016

On April 2, ICTV will broadcast Pershyi Raz Za Kordonom/First Time Abroad, the first national travel-show. In each episode, two acquainted people — a couple, friends or relatives — who have never left not only this country, but often even their native region, are sent on a journey. Everyone has their reasons for it, but one thing unites them all — it’s the desire to see the world.

When you ask the heroes, why they haven’t been abroad, they all blame financial issues, but when you start to dig deeper, you realize that often the causes are completely different. It is not so much a question of money, as priorities. We want to show that traveling is easy. And if you properly calculate the budget, it’s not as expensive as many people think, — says Andrii Bogush, an author of the idea and main editor of the project.

The project is practical and useful: it tells what to do and how to behave if you are, for example, in Europe for the first time. The program not only gets a viewer familiar with the interesting places, but also gives practical advice: which ticket is better to buy, what days are the best to visit a museum cheaper, what public transport to choose, a bus or a tram, how to avoid the queues and how not to make classical newbie mistakes.

As we all dream of visa-free regime and freedom of movement across the European continent, we have chosen Europe as a starting point of the project. These are cities people have to visit in the first place, a certain ‘must be’ for a newly-made traveler, the best tourist destinations, where you can go for a weekend, — says Andrii Bogush .

The project will come out on Saturdays, at 17:50, with Hryhorii Herman as a host.