M2 Channel is looking for hits in a new project – Hit-Konveier 18 april 2016

Valentyn Koval, a General Director of M2 says: “We are waiting for new Ukrainian songs that can become hits of new Ukraine.”

Today we take a new step towards a Ukrainian song. And we want to help Ukraine get new hits and find new faces.
We hope Hit-Konveier, which is now being started, will be a longstanding project. We promise to listen to all your songs thoroughly. We promise to spot a hit and give it a huge boost in the media space. We promise to follow all the rules of copyright and related rights law carefully.

At this point, we have decided to restrict ourselves to more or less professional-looking songs. So, this year, we have limited our choice to studio-recorded soundtracks. Other restrictions that can be found in official terms state that we are waiting for new music from the Ukrainians and in Ukrainian.

The winner will participate in the album of top 12 songs, shoot a video to be shown on our media resources. We also look forward to the attention of the Ukrainian music community, and consider the possibility to offer to the winner, or the winners, a long-term cooperation in a form which we will discuss with them directly.

We do not reveal the jury right now, so that it would not affect your decision to participate in the competition, and so that participants of the competition could not influence the jury during the first stage.