The first Ukrainian fantasy about superheroes, The Stronghold (Storozheva Zastava) , — a production of Kinorob — have got a co-producer. Novy Channel, which was previously announced as a media partner of the film, became its co-producer. The change of the status means that Novy Channel involvement into the viewer fate of The Stronghold, and therefore in the commercial success of the film, is increasing greatly.

Director of Novy Channel Volodymyr Lokotko says: “The film industry is arranged in such a way, that promotion and marketing play a very important role in the commercial success of the film. Novy Channel will be the one to deal with it as a co-producer of the project. Effective promotion is even more important for the Ukrainian cinematography, as, in general, the viewer has no trust in it. By quality and massive advertising, we need to create a motivation for the viewer, an emotional impulse, which will transform into a ticket purchase and cinema visit for the sake of The Stronghold. And, in the cinema itself, our colleagues from FILM.UA will not fail: the film promises to be exciting.”

Besides, StarLightMedia Group, which includes Novy Channel, will partly undertake the negotiations with the potential advertisers, who can use the possibility to present their brand in The Stronghold through product placement.

“I believe that the strategic partnership with a StarLightMedia Group and participation of Novy Channel in the project as a co-producer will significantly strengthen the position of the film within its marketing strategy and will help to attract more viewers to the cinemas. We always welcome professional and reliable partners,” – says the producer of the film, Yehor Olesov.

The Stronghold: Solar eclipse activates a magical time portal. An ordinary boy Viktor from the 21st century goes thousand years back in time. This is the beginning of his dangerous and adventurous journey. Ahead are deadly perils, black magic, new friends and real epic heroes — bohatyrs: young Oleshko, strong Illya and Dobrynia, a man of iron, — and all of this is accompanied by spectacular visual effects. Viktor is in the midst of incredible events, he joins the battle with mythical creatures and learns what the real courage is.

Genre: fantasy, adventure
Directed by Yurii Kovalov
Camera by Yurii Korol
Starring Danyil Kamenskyi, Yeva Kosheva, Roman Lutskyi, Oleh Voloshchenko, Heorhii Derevianskyi, Slava Krasovska, Nataliya Sumska, Oleksandr Komarov, Erzhan Nurymbet, Erbolat Tohuzakov, Ivan Denysenko
Award of Excellence: Movie Trailer, Accolade Global Film Competition 2016

StarLightMedia and FILM.UA Group are the active participants of #KinoKraina initiative, which was launched in 2015 in order to create an effective and profitable film and serial industry in Ukraine. The Stronghold can be called the embodiment of the philosophy rooted in #KіnoKraina. The film is produced in Ukraine, the government has provided a partial financial support for the project, it is meant for a broad national audience and it has a support of the TV channel from ‘the Big Six’. The Stronghold is an absolutely national product: it is shot in the Ukrainian language, the script is based on the book of the Ukrainian author, the crew is formed entirely from the Ukrainian actors and production specialists, ranging from writers to postproduction and VFH teams. Such project will allow nurturing new stars of Ukrainian cinema, and developing the industry in general.

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