Hit-Konveier, a competition for a new Ukrainian-language song by M2 channel enters a new phase. Last week, 50 semi-finalists were announced, and they will continue the fight for the grand prize — a professional video shooting and its promotion on TV. In the first stage of the competition, 943 applications were received, 597 of them met the conditions of competition.

“It’s really not easy to listen to nearly 600 songs,” — said the Head of M1 and M2 channels, Valentyn Koval, — “However, it’s a real reward to encounter a good work, when the melody, test, arrangement, and vocal are on top, and the whole product looks exactly as you imagine the future of Ukrainian pop music to be. Of course, not all of the works were equal, their stylistic range was very wide. But we were lucky, and 50 semi-finalists represent a very colorful face of new Ukraine.”

50 songs became available on the competition website, hit.m2.tv, and on M2 channel on YouTube. Internet users have a chance to listen to them and vote. Meanwhile, the participants are preparing to perform their songs live for the jury, auditions will be held in Kyiv, on June 15-18. The event will be open to members of the semi-finals of accredited journalists only, but it will be possible to follow auditions via online-translation, in particular on M2 YouTube-channel.

StarLightMedia Group, which includes M2, is supporting M2 project on the development of Ukrainian-language popular music. This means that the finalists of Hit-Konveier will receive a promo on all media capacities of the country’s largest television group. StarLightMedia includes such TV channels as STB, Novy, ICTV, M1, M2, QTV — it’s one-third of TV-audience’s attention in this country — as well as manages dozens of websites.