Position of StarLigthMedia Group on State Cinema Committee Expert Panel Dissolution 22 april 2016

The reason for the expression of this position has become a scandal around Ne Zarikaisia series, and a decision to dissolve the Film Distribution and Screening Expert Commission, declared by the Head of the State Cinema Committee due to the fact that the Commission, by a majority of votes, decided on the admission of the series to TV broadcasting. The motive, stated by the Head of the State Cinema Committee, is as follows: members of the committee should be professionals who can perform the function of protecting information environment from the perspective of the patriotic positions. While the function of the Commission is to evaluate films for the compliance with the Ukrainian legislation.

The freedom to hold opinions and to express one’s point of view is a fundamental human right in the western civilization. Some people may not like the work of art, but prohibit it for ‘non-patriotism’ and then ‘prohibit’ the people who do not consider it unpatriotic is barbarism, ignorance, and, finally, improvidence.

Creating your own product, yes, it requires an intellectual effort and resources, but only it can give the result in the 21st century.