Quality and safety of Tulchinka successfully tested Good Mark second year in a row 14 april 2016

For the second year in a row TM Tulchinka vegetable-cream mixes to successfully tested in European laboratories and obtain recognition of national system of products’ quality and safety control, Good Mark, STB channel project.

«Some of mass media still continue to scare consumers by post soviet fears of outworn food without offering the decision how to choose really high-quality and harmless product. The Good Mark became an indicator for consumers how to choose high grade and safety of the products. The project’s uniqueness is a compliance checking with both regulatory requirements of quality and safety: Ukrainian and European. And this means double responsibility of manufacturer, a new level of quality standards. It is significant, that vegetable-cream mixes Tulchinka are the first in Ukraine not afraid to do strong quality verification test in Europe. As a result — we get a deserved reward Good Mark for all vegetable-cream mixes Tulchinka two years running», — says Marianna Glotova, TERRA FOOD Group Chief Marketing officer.

Good Mark by STB TV channel is the unique Ukrainian social project of quality, safety of a product and honesty of its producer evaluation. Companies and their products undergo very thorough independent check. To affect the results of the testing is impossible. To ensure independence of the results the check is carried out in European laboratories. Only the best companies and products can pass the testing. At the first stage all aspects of production that influence products’ quality are checked, ranging from raw materials used to manufacture the products to personnel competence. The second stage is product’s safety control that includes a test for all potentially dangerous components. The final stage involves honesty check, an indicator of which is correspondence between product’s description and the actual product’s ingredients. Producers who successfully passed the test are honoured with a special products’ quality and safety mark — a Good Mark.

Creative director of STB TV channel projects Vse byde dobre, Vse byde smachno and Good Mark Dmitry Kitsay: «Since January 2015 there were products that have passed quality control system on the shelves of Ukrainian shops Good Mark. If you see this symbol on product means that the product complies with the most stringent European safety standards. Our customers should be aware that neither the STB nor the project Good Mark personally check the products. This is done by a professional, accredited, the laboratory in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries. And that the results of research in these laboratories provide an opportunity to evaluate the safety of the product in accordance with European standards. The project marks those products which comply with European standards, a special mark on the packaging. This mark — Good Mark — gives the consumer confidence in the selection».

Independent checks by European laboratories and receiving Good Mark became one more weighty indicator of quality and safety of TM Tulchinka products. Tulchinka vegetable-cream mixes are a high-quality product known to Ukrainian consumers for a long time. Ladies of the house widely use Tulchinka mixes for making sandwiches, seasoning garnishes, for frying and baking, since this product perfectly combines the best features of butter and vegetable oil. Due to having oil among its ingredients the mixes perfectly suit for frying and baking, while butter gives the dishes nice and gentle creamy flavour. Tulchinka earned confidence of numerous consumers long ago, and now once again it proudly confirmed its high quality and safety.