StarLight Entertainment presents Kraina Rozvah, its new project 18 april 2016

On May 1, 2016, StarLight Entertainment launches the new summer project – Kraina Rozvah (Entertainment Country). It will be a logical continuation of Zymova Kraina (Winter Country).

Zymova Kraina project was the first step in the new direction, and it has shown good results: 300 thousand visitors in three months. It has surpassed all our expectations and become an impetus for further development,” says the Head of StarLight Entertainment, Yevhen Mushkin. “Having analyzed the results of Zymova Kraina, we’ve made conclusions about what is to be changed. In particular, launching Kraina Rozvah, we are making changes in the concept: pricing will become more democratic, there will be more activities, where everyone can find what they like and can afford, and the entrance to the theme park will now be free. With these innovations, we are expecting the rapid growth in the number of visitors during the summer season.”

In summer, VDNKh will continue to implement leisure, entertainment, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, as well as cultural, sports, exhibition, educational, children-oriented ones on its territory. Some of them will be implemented in the framework of Kraina Rozvah. StarLight Entertainment has been already preparing the launch of more than 15 permanent entertainment zones. On the territory of Kraina Rozvah there will be children’s rides, food courts, special BBQ area, where everybody can make a barbecue.

The special highlight of the park will be the world’s largest (!) swing park: about 100 people will be able to ride on swings at the same time.

“In partnership with VDNKh, we’ll create the largest and the most comfortable leisure center in the capital», – says Yevhen Mushkin: “We are planning that in future the site will transform and operate all year round.”

The program of Kraina Rozvah allows to host regular thematic events in the entertainment zone, organized both by StarLight Entertainment, and by partners.

The first of them will take place on May 1, 2016, and the official opening of all park zones will be on May 28, 2016.
Країна Розваг 2016