StarLightMedia Group announces the results of the second, final, round of TV projects, series, fiction and TV films pitch organized with the aim of their production both for the channels of the Group and further distribution abroad.

8 formats out of 37 selected for the second round won in the Series category, 3 out of 17 formats won in the Films category, and 1 out of 14 – in the TV Projects.

Not later than March 31, StarLightMedia will contact the authors of the ideas to discuss the details of further cooperation on the projects and remuneration payment set by the rules of pitching.

Final results of StarLightMedia format pitch:

For the record, StarLightMedia format pitch was announced in autumn 2016 and was held in two rounds. Entries according to the approved forms could be submitted in autumn, the winners were selected during an open competition. In total, more than 600 entries were submitted for the pitch.

TV Series
SR-227 Sakura Novy Channel
SR-191 Akvatoriia (Water Area) Novy Channel
SR-116 Snachala (At First) ICTV
SR-117 Sherif (The Sheriff) ICTV
SR-146 Super Papa (The Superfather) SLM
SR-184 Srochno Nuzhen Inostranets (The Urgently Needed Foreigner) SLM
SR-150 Plenniki Lesa (Forrest Prisoners) SLM
SR-160 Zameshchenie (Substitution) SLM

F-201 Bolshoi Gorod Dnem i Nochiu (Day and Night in the Big City) Novy Channel
F-03 Trener (The Coach) SLM
F-08 Grobokopateli (Grave Diggers) SLM

TV Projects
TV-162 Dizainery Odezhdy (Fashion Designers) Novy Channel/STB