Starting from 2017, six TV channels – STB, Novy Channel, ICTV, M1, M2, QTV – are broadcasted by the AMOS-3 satellite transponder of the Space-Communication Ltd. operator (Israel). Previously, channels of StarLightMedia were broadcasted by the AMOS-2 satellite.

Technical parameters for the channels’ signal reception:

  • Satellite – AMOS-3;
  • Orbital slot – 4° west longitude;
  • Receiving frequency – 11175;
  • Symbol rate – 30000 K characters per second.;
  • Error correction factor – 3/4;
  • Polarization – horizontal;
  • Program distribution territory – Ukraine and other countries within the zone of the consistent reception of the signal from the satellite.

During December 2016, channels were broadcasted simultaneously by two satellites.

The switching was made as the AMOS-2 satellite completes its technical life expectancy, and it was planned to turn to another satellite of Space-Communication Ltd. – AMOS-6 – in autumn 2016, but Falkon-9 launch vehicle that was to put it into the orbit exploded. As a result of negotiations with the owner of the satellites, it was decided to switch to the AMOS-3.

For users’ convenience, we created a website with the text and video instructions on reconfiguring tuners of various brands for receiving channels’ signal, and the database of satellite television experts in different locations, who can be consulted if necessary.