StarlightMedia Group (International Commercial Television and Radio Company LLC (ICTV), Novy Channel LLC, International Media Center-STB PJSC, Starlight Media LLC) organizes pitches of 1) television project formats; 2) series; 3) feature and television films to produce them for the channels of the Group, as well as for further distribution on other territories.

Applications in accordance the approved forms (Telefromat Application Form, Film and Series Application Form) are accepted via email [email protected] from 3d to 31st of October, 2016. Both members of the Group, and third party authors are invited. Every application receives project ID and feedback. The winners will be selected in an open competition.

Criteria and stages of choosing the winners are as follows:

a. During the first closed stage, pitching jury selects the applications based on the following criteria: uniqueness; relevance; possibility of implementation; presence of format characteristics. The list of participants who have passed the first stage is sent via a newsletter from companies’ corporate emails.
b. The winners are selected after the second open pitch stage, where each participant presents their project in the following format: 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions from the jury and discussion. Date of the open competition is communicated by email no later than 10 days before the date of the pitch.
c. Determining of the winners of the second stage is within the competence of the jury that consists of the top management representatives from each of the founding companies. While taking the decision, the jury is guided by the creative and commercial potential of the project, namely the potentially high audience share and possibility of further successful format distribution.

Winners receive a basic award – about 30 thsd for the idea of a teleformat, film, or series. And also up to 200+ thsd for a developed format and from 50 thsd to 125 thsd for one episode, depending on the genre; for a script of a feature film – up to 500 thsd UAH, depending on the commercial potential and degree of readiness of the script. With the subsequent signing of the contract on a project development and writing of scripts for an additional reward, on agreed with the company terms. Besides, winners will receive 50% of profits from sales of the television show format, film format or series format.

Within two weeks after the pitch, every winner will receive a proposal on signing an agreement for further development of the idea, that contains typical terms of collaboration, information about the terms, compensations and the number of project episodes.

StarLightMedia Group plans to support promotion and distribution of all projects that will get to the second stage of the pitch, and it is ready to distribute formats that won’t win a pitch, on terms, separately agreed with the participants.