On Tuesday, April 25th, presentation of the #GIVECHANCETODREAM (#ДАЙШАНСМРІЇ) social and educational project took place with the participation of the Deputy Chief of the US Mission in Ukraine George Kent, key media people, government officials and business community.

According to Mr. Levytskyi, the project aims to increase awareness among the people who don’t realize that illegal watching of the movies on the Internet harms their creators and prevents production of new films. It was also noted that the problem of the copyright infringement is critical not only for the film industry but also for other sectors, music industry and IT in particular.

Liubomyr Levytskyi (film director and author of the #GIVECHANCETODREAM project) and Christy Anne Hofland (director of the America House) were the hosts of the evening, among the speakers there were George Kent (Deputy Chief of the US Diplomatic Mission in Ukraine), Nadiia Vasylieva (General Manager at Microsoft Ukraine) , Graeme Grant (Head Of Internet Anti-Piracy Operations at the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), Anatolii Maksymchuk (representative of the Clear Sky (Chyste Nebo) initiative).

Speakers emphasized the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and raising awareness on the consequences of piracy. Thus, it should be understood and remembered that all creative industries provide employment for drivers, lawyers, artists, translators and other professionals. Besides, when a user steals a film, music, or a program, somebody loses their job and dream. As a result, development of a creative layer is hindered, and a possibility to create new jobs in the related industries is eliminated.

During the event, three social ads dedicated to the combating of the video, audio, and IT piracy were presented during the evening and will be further shown on TV and the Internet. Also, #GIVECHANCETODREAM plans to conduct educational and awareness-raising activities, including distribution of the presented social ads, providing access to its web resource and project’s web page in social networks for the purpose of familiarization of the users with the legal resources where, among other things, they can watch movies and listen to music.

#GIVECHANCETODREAM project was made possible thanks to the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the American Chamber of Commerce, the America House, Ukrainian Music Industry Association and Clear Sky initiative.