STB has prepared videos dedicated to the birthday of Lina Kostenko 21 march 2016

On March 19, the brilliant Ukrainian writer and poetess, Lina Kostenko, is celebrating her birthday. Dedicated to the 86th anniversary of the ‘Soul of Ukraine’, STB prepared short videos to show between the programs, in which hosts of the channel are reading Lina Vasylivna’s poems.

Birthday is not a holiday, it’s time for results and conclusions,” once said Lina Vasylivna. But for millions of Ukrainian, to live at the same time with this brilliant woman is a real celebration of the soul. On her birthday, we want to thank Lina Kostenko for a chance to love, grieve, dream and live to the lines of her poems, — says the Director of the Off-Air Promotion at STB, Victoria Volontyrets.

STB’s TV Promotion Department worked on the production of these videos.