STB SHOOTS MAIN SHOW OF 2017 – SIURPRYZ 28 december 2016

STB channel has started the shooting of the new large-scale social and entertaining show called Siurpryz (Surprise), which will turn the dreams of Ukrainians into reality. Creative Unit of Myroslav Domalevskyi (Liuba, My Vbyvaiemo Ditei (Honey, We Are Killing The Kids), Ya Soromlius Svoho Tila (I’m Ashamed Of My Body), Vriatuite Nashu Simiu (Save Our Family)) is working on this project.

Siurpryz is an adaptation of the popular Surprise Surprise format that was being successfully broadcasted on ITV British Channel starting from 1984. During its existence, and that is more than 150 episodes, the project fulfilled large and small dreams of nearly 2,000 people. This large-scale family show has become a favorite of the millions of the British. Surprise Surprise was successfully adapted in the United States, China, Poland, the Netherlands (10 seasons have been broadcasted on SBS6 channel), Spain (Atenna 3, 7 seasons), Romania (8 seasons).

The project is unique as its participants don’t even have a clue that they are nominated for a surprise. This is made possible thanks to their relatives, colleagues, friends, or people who just want to show their gratitude in such an unexpected and very pleasant way. Siurpryz finds its heroes in the studio, on the street, in a store, at work and even at home; and not only the hosts of the show will deliver the surprise, but also the most famous Ukrainians, among which there will necessarily be the stars of the show business.

Premiere of the show will be on STB in 2017. The name of the host will be announced after the New Year and Christmas holidays.