STB Spring TV Season Starts on February,1 01 february 2016

20th of January — Two grand premiers are awaiting the audience – MasterShef. Dity/MasterChef. Kids and Ukraina Maie Talant. Dity/Ukraine’s Got Talent. Kids, live broadcasts of Eurovision 2016 National Selections, new seasons of the most successful self-designed projects of the channel: Kholostiak/The Bachelor, Slidstvo Vedut Ekstrasensy/Sleuthing is Led By Psychics, Detektor Brekhni/The Polygraph, Vriatuite Nashu Simiu/Save Our Family, Ya Soromlius Svoho Tila/I’m Ashamed Of My Body, Odyn Za Vsikh/One for All, Kokhana, my vbyvaiemo ditei/Honey, we’re killing the kids, and the premiere episodes of Vse Bude Dobre/Everything’s Going to Be All Right and Vse Bude Smachno!/Everything’s Going to Be Delicious!

February, 1 – Vse Bude Dobre TV-magazine (Monday – Thursday, 16:00)

In the premiere episodes of the beloved TV-magazine, guests with unique experience and knowledge will come to the studio. Among them are folk craftsmen, whose hands create incredible things from the simplest materials at hand. This spring, the expert of the program, Roman Midnyi will continue his transformation lessons, which every woman can easily master.

In March, a large-scale campaign for losing weight will be launched within the TV-magazine project. Experts of Vse Bude Dobre will help the viewers to get a beautiful body shape by the summer season, star guests will let out their secrets of snacks and tell how to get rid of hang-ups, and some of them will also venture to lose weight together with the project.

Host – Nadiia Matveieva

Следствие ведут экстрасенсы

February, 1 – Slidstvo Vedut Ekstrasensy (Mondays, 20:00)

The project has gained such a huge reputation among the viewers that celebrities begin to turn for help to the psychics. One of them is a young singer, who’s lost her voice just before a Eurovision round. She has confessed that life-threatening events started to happen around her: she’s got into accidents several times, and once, during one of the concerts, a lightening device weighing 20 kilos fell on the stage next to her. During the investigation, the psychics have found out that it’s not easy to be a star – quite often the colleagues are trying to drive each other out of the profession, and sometimes even to hound to death with the magic.

In the first episodes of the season, the audience will see the mystical stories about the ghosts living in the old mansions, learn, to what negative consequences magic can lead, find out that mother’s love protects a child even after her death, and hear about the ‘black widow’ phenomenon. Among the most sensational investigations is a mysterious murder of a young talented woman in St. Valentine’s Day in Poltava region.

Experts: Olena Kurylova, Khaial Alekperov and the most powerful participants of Bytva Extrasensiv-15 show.

New season promo:

February, 1 – Detektor Brekhni, Season 9 (Mondays, 22:35)

In a new season, the heroes of the program will seek the understanding between children and parents, prove the marital fidelity and try to justify their fair name. One of them is a 26-year-old guy, whom his fellow villagers accuse of incest, because he is too protective of his niece. He came to prove that his niece isn’t his daughter, but whether it’s true or not, the viewers will find out in the coming episodes of the program.

Another heroine, who has ventured to take a polygraph, has grown up under the care of her mother-killer, who committed her cruel crimes in front of her little daughter. The young girl has also gone through sexual abuse. Now she is afraid to become the same dangerous mother for her own child.

To correct the mistakes of the past is what another participant is trying to do. 50-year-old woman is mortally ill. All her youth she was leading a dissipated life, neglecting her children. Now, having learned that she can die any day, she decided to apologize to her family and prove the sincerity of her intentions on the polygraph. But can her grown-up daughters forgive her?

In the first episode of the season, Nadia Melnyk will be in the chair of Detektor Brekhni. The woman wants to improve relations with her husband, whom she constantly betrays. She is ready to change, if he stops to demand impossible things from her.

After all the episodes, the viewers will traditionally see a behind the scenes movie, where they’ll find out, whether the lives of the participants have changed after the confession on the polygraph.

Host – Dmytro Karpachov

February, 2 Vriatuite Nashu Simiu reality show, Season 5 (Tuesdays, 20:00, post show – 22:20)

The participants of the new season will be families suffering from co-dependent relationships. Among the first couples who have turned to the project for help are the husband and wife, who have experienced all the ‘delights’ of the husband’s pathological jealousy. A couple broke up 15 times; can they improve their relationship after the participation in the project?

Experts of the post show: Head of Creative Unit Myroslav Domalevskyi, actress, TV host and mother of five Snizhana Ehorova, showman Dima Kolyadenko, physiognomist Tatiana Larina and the main psychologist of the project Iryna Kyrychenko. A guest star will join every post show and share their experience in family relations with the participants and the audience.

Host – Dmytro Karpachov


February, 3 MasterShef. Dity culinary show (Wednesdays, 20:00, with the break for Vikna-Novyny/Window-News). Premiere!

For the first time, children from 8 to 12 have become the participants of the Ukrainian culinary show. In the fight for the title of the young Master Chef they will have to show all their cleverness, leadership and ability to work in team.

Specially for the little amateur chefs, the project team has replaced some kitchen appliances, replaced dishes with more secure ones and set special stands, so that the children could work on the kitchen surface comfortably. The creators of MasterShef. Dity have provided a special approach to the choice of products and competitions. By the way, during the competitions, participants will cook for their peers living in a boarding school, and for the children, who came from the area of the ATO.

According to the show judges, kid season of the project will be no less tense and emotional than the previous ones, and little chefs cook even better than some adults. The judges themselves will transform into pirates, celebrities and even naughty pupils.

Show judges: Hector Jimenez-Bravo, Tatiana Lytvynova, Mykola Tyshchenko

Premiere promo:

Я соромлюсь свого тіла

February, 4 Ya Soromlius Svoho Tila, Season 3 (Thursdays, 20:00, with the break for Vikna-Novyny)

In the new season, the project moves to the prime line and deals with the patients, who have lost any hope for medical help. The doctors of the program will go to the regions where there are large-scale health problems: for example, to Gozhuly village, where practically every inhabitant has fluorosis (dental disease due to elevated fluoride content in the water).

Among the heroes of the third season is Yaroslava Osypenko, whose story has become the most shocking during the project. The mother gave birth to her, being under the influence of drugs. At the age of 5, Yaroslava shot her mother up with drugs, and at 13, she became an addict herself. The result is the complete absence of teeth and a rotten jaw. The doctors of the project take on a difficult task – to recreate the girl’s jaw.

A hero of the first episode will be a man with a rare hand anomaly: each of his hands weighs 1.5 kilograms due to the overgrown to incredible sizes cartilages. The concerned villagers asked to help him, and Kateryna Bzvershenko will personally come to this patient.

Besides, in the first episodes, the audience will find out the outcome of the second season heroes’ treatment and whether Ivanna Kuropatova has changed her sex (the patient, whose sex was incorrectly determined at birth, and later all her sexual organs were removed).

There will also be new experiments of the project doctors: for example, they will themselves try all self-medication trends – from computer diagnostics of entire body in 10 minutes, to the picking up detox.

Project doctors: STD and skin specialist Kateryna Bzvershenko, obstetrician-gynecologist Liudmyla Shupeniuk, traumatic surgeon Valerii Oslavskui.

New season promo:

February, 6 – Eurovision 2016 National Selection, First Semi-final (Saturday, 19:00, live)

Second semi-final – February, 13 (Saturday), Final – February, 21 (Sunday), 19:00.

Live broadcasts of the Selection will be simultaneously aired on STB and UΛ: Pershyi. The winner will represent Ukraine at Eurovision-2016 in Sweden this May, exactly with the song that brought him victory in the national selection. The singer from Ukraine will be chosen by the audience and jury voting during live broadcasts.

STB undertakes the financial costs associated with the organization of the Ukrainian finalist’s trip to Eurovision-2016, which evens out the chances of already well-known and amateur singers. Anastasia Prykhodko, Nuangels duo, Petryk sisters and Tonya Matvienko have already announced the desire to represent Ukraine in the contest.

Music producer and one of the judges of the National Selection has become a well-known composer and songwriter Konstantyn Meladze. The names of the other members of the jury STB will announce in the nearest future.

Hosts of the National Selections – Dmytro Tankovych and Olexandr Pedan

February, 7 Odyn Za Vsikh (Sundays, 21:00)

It’s the only Ukrainian social talk show, whose team is not afraid to take on the most difficult unsolved cases, and every episode of which becomes a resonant case.

For today, thanks to Odyn Za Vsikh project, 20 criminal cases are opened, another five offenders are serving time in prison; 5 families have received financial assistance for the expensive medical treatment; the project has found lawyers to protect the interests of the children and acquitted two people; four families, thanks to the fantastic work of the team, have found their relatives.

Odyn Za Vsikh helps the heroes of the program with psychological rehabilitation, job search and even housing. All criminal stories disclosed and made public due to Odyn Za Vsikh project have become the object of close attention of the SSU.

In the new season, the project continues to bring most burning topics to light, no matter how complex they may be, and help people who are desperate to find protection and for which the project studio is this is the last hope for justice.

Host – Dmytro Karpachov

February, 13 Vse Bude Smachno! (Saturdays & Sundays, 9:00)

The premiere episodes of STB’s culinary project will reveal the secrets of the dishes from our childhood. In Nadia Matveieva’s kitchen, program experts will prepare the recipes they’ve got from their mothers and grandmothers. And guest stars, as before, will learn from the experienced cooks.

The first will be the host of Tantsiuiut Vsi Lilia Rebryk, who will master the skill of cooking lazy cabbage rolls under the guidance of Alla Kovalchuk.

In later episodes, a new program expert Samvel Adamyan will teach Olga Sumska to cook lemon cakes and Serhii Kalinin will give out the secrets of cooking chicken in the pot to Olexii Tritenko, an actor from Koly My Vdoma series.

Host – Nadiia Matveieva

soon – Kid Season of Ukraina Maie Talant. Premiere! (Saturdays, 19:00)

Participants of kid season of Ukraina Maie Talant show will amaze the audience with a variety of genres: there will be singing and dancing (from break-dance to ballet), circus acts (from acrobats to conjurers), original genre and sports. The auditions of the project will bring together inventors and smarty-pants, athletes, champions and absolutely unique children under 16 from all over Ukraine. According to the project team, among the contenders there will be even two-year children.

The kid season will also present a renewed judging panel and unique pair of hosts, which consists of an adult and a child. STB will soon announce their names.

The shooting of the auditions will start in the end of January. Follow the news from STB.

March, 4 – Kholostiak, Season 6 (Fridays, 20:00 with the break for Vikna-Novyny)

The main hero of the sixth season of the romantic reality show on STB became a 30-year-old producer from Georgia Irakli Makatsaria.

Irakli was born and raised in Batumi, finished secondary school in the United States and received higher education in Tbilisi in the Caucasus School of Business in marketing. The knowledge gained the Bachelor successfully applied in the construction business, banking (Bank of Georgia), fashion industry, advertising business (JWT Metro international advertising agency). In 2013, he founded Maq Entertainment production company, which became the first company to cooperate with Bollywood and open the Georgian market for the movie and advertising shooting.

Irakli doesn’t deny that he never felt the lack of female attention, but there wasn’t the right one, with which he wanted to build strong relationships and create a family, anywhere near him. “I’m not looking for the perfect woman or ideal feelings – they don’t exist in our lives. I’m looking for someone who will be mine, and next to whom I will be relaxed and comfortable”, says the Bachelor.

From the words of the project team, Irakli is very courteous to the participants of the project, which are really enthusiastic about Georgian hot guy from the very first meeting, and showed all possible tricks to capture the attention and heart of the muscular Bachelor. The sixth season promises a lot of surprises for the viewers that will begin right from the first party – it will take place in a different time of the day.

Host – Hryhorii Reshetnik

Post show host – Rosa Al-Namri

March, 8 – Kokhana, my vbyvaiemo ditei (Tuesdays, 20:00 with the break for Vikna-Novyny)

The new season of the project will struggle to save children in the most hopeless situation. Alcohol, drugs, bad company, peer bullying – in such atmosphere heroes of the project are raised; and once there comes a moment, when they cross the line of what is permitted, and go far beyond the fringe.

The heroine of the first episode, 15-year-old Dasha takes drugs. The girl thinks that she can give up at any moment, so there’s nothing dangerous in it. Will Dasha and her family admit the problem and take an action in order to save her life?

Experts of the post show: Head of Creative Unit Myroslav Domalevskyi, actress, TV host and mother of five Snizhana Ehorova, showman Dima Kolyadenko, physiognomist Tatiana Larina and psychologist Viktoria Liubarevych-Torokhova.

Host – Dmytro Karpachov


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