The largest Ukrainian TV group StarLightMedia joined FRAPA 01 february 2016


27 January 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine, – Today the largest Ukrainian Media Group StarLightMedia has joined FRAPA, a leading international association of the TV format recognition and protection.

The yield on the international market, especially in Eastern Europe is one of the strategic directions of StarLightMedia development. The format creation is one of the business directions on which the Group is already underway with several successful format localizations in its portfolio. In particular, 3 seasons of “Revizorro” on the Russian TV channel “Friday” (Novy Channel’s format “The Auditor” dedicated to journalist investigations of HoReCa) and the program Tetis Namuose on Lithuanian television channel TV3 (STB’s format about fathers in charge “Daddy’s House”).

StarLightMedia’s Vice President, Anatoly Maksimchuk, says: “TV format is a complex object, which combines many elements of the intellectual property. That’s why it’s difficult term for the legal protection. Being a TV concept, it is not present in the legal lexicon. Despite this fact TV formats have been developed, sold and acquired around the world for many years. At the same time the format viewing success creates a great temptation to copy it under the guise of “an idea”. Therefore a special association of the TV format recognition and protection has been created. FRAPA lawyers have extensive experience working with such a complex legal concept as TV format, an experience that will be highly useful in our market”