The idea of the social campaign is simple and complicated at the same time. By the examples of real people, we want to show that anyone can do good. That charity is not difficult. That to do good things is important, in the first place, for the person him or herself. It’s never late to cultivate the best traits in yourself: you can learn this in childhood from your father, or you can come to the charity later, being already mature.

Our heroes are real people that may remind you any of your friends, they can meet you at the business meeting or when you are with your friends. Our heroes are so simple and so close to all of us. These are people who have already formed their vector of kindness in life and are moving in this direction.

Iryna Hutsal, Head of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Market: «Charity, what is it? Is it a well-considered decision, or an emotional impulse? What does a person feel helping others in difficult circumstances? Why is it so important for every conscious citizen? In our social videos, we’ve tried to answer these and other questions. Prove that every person is unique, and charity has no limits. We want charity to become a lifestyle of every Ukrainian. The real help is one that gives a sense of involvement in a miracle, and confidence that you have really supported, fulfilled a dream, or saved a life at»

The video features real people who contribute to the good deeds every day.

We believe that our social video will help everyone to find their vector of kindness and change our society for the better.

SLCP (StarLight Commercial Production) Creative United worked on the video.

Since 2013, StarLightMedia supports the Ukrainian Philanthropic Market (UBB) broadcasting videos aiming to raise money for the people who need help. Ukrainian Philanthropic Market is the first nationwide social online-charity infrastructure that creates, maintains and develops cooperation between donors, NGOs and aid recipients. During 5 years of its existence, the platform raised more than 100 million for charity, accomplished more than 2 thousand projects and saved thousands of lives. Fund functioning is not commercial and is aimed exclusively for the charity, without the purpose of profit.