Novy Kanal

Channel of good mood, optimism and active lifestyle, the channel of young people, bold ideas and sustainable initiatives

Novy Kanal’s motto is ‘Let’s live together’. This is a lively and original entertainment channel, which puts relationships in the centre of attention. It’s attractive for a young audience of 14-35: in 2015 Novy’s share for this audience made up 11,00% (according to Nielsen people-metric panel, for people living in cities 50K+, provided by StarLightMedia).

The 15th of July 1998 is considered to be Novy Kanal’s birthday. On this day viewers of the capital watched the first live broadcasting on the channel, called Studiia (Studio). Next year Novy has already become the national channel.

In 1999 Pidjom (Wake up) TV program appeared and has been aired for 15 years. In 2007 Ukrainian Fabryka Zirok (Star Factory) started and has been on for 4 seasons till 2011.

In 2011 Revizor (The Auditor) social reality show, a self-designed project of Novy Kanal, made a revolution on Ukrainian TV. The main aim of Revizor is to give an objective assessment of the service quality. The objective of Revizor is not to frighten customers away or wash the dirty linen on public, but to help owners see the weak points in their service and customers, in their turn, to learn and assert their rights. Ukraine is a part of Europe. To meet the high standards of European quality, each of us should be ready to change and improve. A host – first Olha Freimut, then Vadym Abramov – draws attention to the use of fresh products, compliance with the sell-by date. The project has developed over the years: Revizor has increased the timing of the episodes, carried the foreign revisions and released a mobile app. Then appeared such shows as Revizor Bez Kupiyr (Inspector without banknotes), a special project about the backstage life with Oleksasndr Pedan as a host, Strasti Po Revizoru (Revizor Passion), hosted by Serhiy Prytula, ReviZIRKA (InspecSTAR), an ironic and humorous caricature of Revizor. Format of Revizor, developed by Novy Kanal, was sold to Russian television and in 2014 was aired on Pyatniza! TV channel entitled Revizorro.


Revealing and funny show about the relationship between men and women, Khto zverkhu? (Who’s on top?), (idea of Talpa company) was launched on Novy Kanal 3 years ago. Participants – public people – are passing erudition, logic, live experience and team spirit tests. All that just for one reason – to prove the dominance of their sex, either male, under the leadership of Serhiy Prytula, or female, led by Kateryna Varnava.

Хто зверху - 600_800

The battle of the sexes – female intuition vs. male logic – continues in the premiere of 2015, SuperIntuitsiia (SuperIntuition) game show (format by Identity).


In 2014 Novy Kanal started to shoot Supermodel po-ukrainsky (Ukrainian Supermodel) reality show (Supermodello format), where beautiful girls, selected in auditions, are going through the school of survival in modeling business. 14 weeks the models are in the focus of photo and video cameras, competing with each other. The world-famous top model of Ukrainian origin Alla Kostromicheva has become the host of the show.

Another channel’s format project is a romantic dating show Sertsia Trokh (The hearts of Three) (Girlfri3nds format), in which three very different women will try to discover their love and find their one and only out of the hundreds of candidates for their hearts.


Abzats! (End of story!) infotainment program (channel’s self-designed project) presents the top events in Ukraine and the world with a note of humor, irony, improvisation and practical use for the audience. The exclusive project, which has no analogues in Ukraine. The hosts are Anna Zhyzha, Iryna Volkova, Mykhailo Shamanov and Andriy Shabanov.

Абзац 800 600

Proekt Perfekt (Perfect Project), the first Ukrainian useful seriality (self-designed project of the channel), is an experiment, in which the main character, following the expert advice, is trying to get rid of their bad habits and change the appearance. The second season is called Project Love, and is dedicated to a heroines’ determined search of their one and only.


Another useful experiment is Deshevo i serdyto (Cheap and Easy), a project of extreme economy and unskilled earnings.

Novy Kanal allows any person off the street to get a dream job! Since 2014 Stazhery (The Interns), an international show (The Interns format), is on air. But the chance has to be earned: one should pass several professional tests, overcome fear and cope with stressful situations.

One of the most exciting autumn 2015 premiers is PoLOVEynky (Halves) project. The main characters of PoLOVEynky romantic show are ‘not like all the others’ in terms of appearance or worldview. Barbie girl and an asexual, a gifted autist and a model-amputee, a former nun, who returned to the ordinary life, and a gay, who has decided to become heterosexual. Society doesn’t want to include such people into the generally accepted standards and thus deprives them of the possibility to find their soul mate, to be loved. PoLOVEynky will fix it, find a real kindred spirit for each character and arrange a dream date that can change their destiny for good.

The first youth comedy of Ukrainian production, called Samotnii za kontraktom (Alone under the Contract), was released in 2014 in co-production of Novy Kanal with FILM.UA Group.

By spring 2016 Novy will have prepared Kyiv Vden i Vnochi (Day and Night Kyiv) seriality about six young people from different parts of Ukraine with different experience and beliefs, who decide to move to the capital. Their plan is to conquer Kyiv. Time dictates the rules of the game: it is a project about the new country and new people. On the way to their dream characters will face betrayal, unfaithfulness, humiliation and backstabbing at work, lack of money, risk of losing the roof over the head, problems with the law. And don’t forget about the temptations of the big city: scams, easy money, relationships without commitment, wing-dings.


Another premier of 2016 on Novy Kanal is lady’s TV school Vid Patsanky do Panyanky (format From Ladette To Lady).

Novy Kanal is a TV channel focused on the young audience with an active lifestyle. Hosts, show experts and participants are all young people, who live expressively, long for conquering the world, enter relationships, fight daily routine, demand more and more, constantly decide who is cooler, believe in feelings, make mistakes and correct them, and, against all odds, look for their love.

Novy Kanal carries off-air projects as well. For example, Naikrashcha Kraina Ukraina #VideoGid original online project, created for those, who want to learn about their country much more, than tour guides can tell.

Today Novy Kanal is a channel of good mood, optimism and active lifestyle, the channel of young people, bold ideas and sustainable initiatives.

The Head of Novy Kanal – Volodymyr Lokotko

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