StarLight Brand Content

StarLight Brand Content

StarLight Brand Content is the sales house of sponsorship and branded content on the channels and resources of the Ukrainian StarLightMedia Media Group. The company boosts broadcasters’ and licensors’ revenue by monetizing content and other types of inventory.

For this purpose, the company develops sponsorship products and formats for advertisers that foster mutual business growth.

The sales houses portfolio includes such well-known adaptations of international formats as Masterchef, X-factor, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, Top Model, Got Talent, Survival, So You Think You Can Dance and The Battle of the Sexes. Its successful in-house and partner projects, including The Revizor, Daddy’s in Charge, Morning in the Big City, Dizel Show, Variaty Show; TV shows of own production. Such shows as Love in Chains, The First Robins, The Cossacks, etc., are very successful both in Ukraine and abroad.

StarLightMedia Media Group’s first-class content reaches all target audiences. The professionalism and experience of the Brand Content team allow brands to effectively address marketing goals and create inspiring stories that millions of viewers see every day in exciting TV shows, large-scale reality projects and their favourite shows.

Tools used in campaigns:

  • media sponsorship;
  • brand integration;
  • branded content;
  • licensing;
  • the development and production of creative materials.

Also, the team created the TV Book platform for its partners that contains all the information about the content, photos, videos and cases implemented. Through that resource, the partners can check for the latest updates and relevant information online.

Over more than ten years, the StarLight Brand Content team has implemented 3,000 successful campaigns for 600 brands.

Today, StarLight Brand Content is the absolute Ukrainian leader of a promo brand in content by the number of implemented sponsorship formats and products developed.

Sales house is a member of the European Group of Television Radio Advertising (EGTA), the European association of media-sales houses, and makes a significant contribution to the development of the European branded content industry. Membership in the Association gives access to a powerful base of European case studies and research, based on which new products and formats are developed.

Thanks to the products and activity of StarLight Brand Content, the market share of sponsorship and branded content in Ukraine exceeds the European one.


For partnership requests, contact Viktoria Sherstyuk, [email protected]

For journalists’ inquiries contact Oleksandr Tyshkevych, [email protected]