StarLight Brand Content

Brand and content partnership

StarLight Brand Content is an exclusive sales house working with advertising within the content of STB, ICTV, Novy Channel, M1, M2, QTV. It implements all possibilities of TV and digital resources of StarLightMedia by building knowledge, forming consumption stereotypes and increasing the preference degree of brands and products.

It makes advertisers promo even stronger through the use of emotional link of viewers to the best TV projects.

StarLight Brand Content holds more than 50% of the market of sponsor television advertising in Ukraine and more than 70% of the market of integrated TV projects solutions. Its experience includes more than 10 years of productive practice and more than 300 effective campaigns per year.

CEO — Andrii Tiuleniev

+380 44 495 77 88

[email protected]

New biz — Victoria Sherstyuk

For journalist enquiry — Daria Bairak, [email protected]

11 Pankivska Str., 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine