StarLight Commercial Production

We create TV commercials and brand integrations into TV shows

StarLight Commercial Production, the in-house production of a full cycle, creates TV commercials, brand integration into TV shows (cooperating with StarLight Brand Content) and corporate films.

To the credit of StarLight Commercial Production, created in October 2012, belong more than 150 commercials and 500 sponsored TV showings for the numerous clients including Lenovo, Dove, Lipton, Rexona, Pampers, Tefal, Nutella, Ferrero.

“We have our own technological know-how: augmented reality and 3D-graphics on the stage, as well as unique motion design and post production technologies. And most importantly, we have the ability to fit the brand organically into television and online content at the level of project’s dramatic concept: associations, emotions, ideas, script, and image. Good knowledge and close relationship with each TV-project enable deep integration of the commercial brand into the media-experience.”

StarLight Commercial Production – it’s deep comprehension of television and audience and ability to create effective on-screen promotional products.

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Head – Kateryna Makhatadze

+38 0 44 501 98 98, ext. 1238

[email protected]

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine


Project Manager – Elina Matiash

+38 (096) 403 2632

[email protected]