StarLight Digital

TV Group goes online

StarLight Digital is developing an online in the group, implementing the principle ‘we should stay with the viewer anywhere, where and when it is convenient for them to watch us.’

Today Starlight Digital is:

  • An in-house media platform, which allows watching video content of the group online on all types of devices. STB channel’s website became the first among other resources, working on the new media platform, developed by the division. Now, design, technical and marketing innovations tested on, are implemented on the other websites of the group.
  • 2015 year results: — the UAnet leader among the female-oriented websites and portal sections. and are in the top 5 TV channel websites. During 2015, the number of the unique users of ICTV channel’s news service increased by more than 3 times, and today is in the top 20 of news sites, is one of the most popular culinary portals. Video views on the sites of the group increased by more than 2 times in 2014-2015, and there’s the same increase in the number and involvement of users of StarLightMedia websites in general.
  • Placement of television products in the web.
  • Own team of video monitoring and blocking of the video content of the group, placed with copyright infringement.
  • In-house development and support of content, web-sites and special projects.

StarLight Digital is also a representative of StarLightMedia in Chyste Nebo/Clear Sky Ukrainian anti-pirate initiative.

CEO of StarLight Digital — Kseniia Kornieieva

Creative Director — Vitalii Chyrkov

+380 (44) 583 01 75, int. 2963

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine