StarLight Digital Sales

Number 1 seller in the licensed online advertising in Ukraine. Internet technologies on a world level

StarLight Digital Sales is a digital sales house, the largest seller of legal video on the Internet in Ukraine. For the moment, it reaches 20 million Ukrainian Internet users (95%) and has its own Internet advertising marketplace for licenced video including Google and YouTube.

We specialize in advertising and innovative solutions on the Internet. Example: special project of StarLight Digital Sales for Tide (2014): TV quality content is created only for the Internet.

Websites, advertising on which are exclusively sold through StarLight Digital Sales include:,,,,,, culinary portal, website of Dr. Komarovskyi, the most famous Ukrainian pediatrician. StarLight Digital Sales cooperates with Videonow large video network, as well as places video ads within the Pladform and Rutube video networks.

Among our partners there are websites of different orientations: female, sport, ‘for mommies’, culinary and medical, news and online movie theaters, educational and entertaining.

StarLight Digital Sales offers advertising only in a reliable and qualitative licensed video content: the group is part of Chyste Nebo/Clear Sky initiative, created for the development of legal content market on the Ukrainian Internet.

Since August 2015, we have been offering advertising in Trading Desk to our clients: in our account it is possible to connect a maximum of inventory from the whole internet market, both media and video, including YouTube. All the campaigns placed through the Trading Desk are configured with the single coverage on all sites in the system, including website inventory connected by Direct Deals. Trading Desk provides automatic control of campaign’s KPI, socio-demographic targeting, retargeting, behavioral, thematic targeting, Viewability display.

You can download a price-list of StarLight Digital Sales here (in Ukrainian).

CEO of StarLight Digital Sales — Svitlana Mohylevska

+380 44 583 01 96

[email protected]

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine