StarLight Entertainment

Creating entertainment zones and modern and innovative events: theatrical performances, musical concerts, festivals, etc

StarLight Entertainment creates entertainment zones: makes theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and other entertaining events. It was founded in autumn 2015.

«The mission of our media group is to make the world better substantially, not abstractly, but here and now. So we decided that we need a platform, team and business plan for festival events», — said the Head of SLE Yevhenii Mushkin.

StarLight Entertainment is aimed at creating modern and innovative events that are far from traditional theatrical performances and musical concerts. They combine different means of expression, special effects, interactivity, and an absolutely special atmosphere. StarLight Entertainment’s first projects were Vartovi Mrii/Dream Guards 3D-show (premiered on 19 December, 2015) and Zymova Kraiina/ Winter Country (started on 10 December, 2015). Both of them involve Ukrainian directors, actors and technicians.

Vartovi Mrii is a winter fairytale.

Zymova Kraiina is a huge family entertainment center, set up from December to March 2015/2016.

Yevhenii Mushkin: «We want Kyivans and tourists to have a place where they could go with the whole family and definitely get a positive emotional charge and impressions, recover from the everyday routine and to get a desire to live and work on.» The theme of social optimism, which Ukrainian society is currently lacking, has already been raised by StarLightMedia initiative #KіnoKraiina.

Head of StarLight Entertainment — Yevhenii Mushkin

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1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine