StarLight Films

Production company produces feature films, TV series, music videos

Created in 2012, StarLight Films production company produces feature films, TV series, music videos.

In 2014, STB channel broadcasted a Ukrainian adaptation of ER cult American TV-series — Shvydka Dopomoha/Emergency 16-episode medical drama series, shot by StarLight Films.

At the moment, on STB’s request and by Vavёrka script, StarLight Films is producing Koly My Vdoma/When We’re Home successful comedy sketchcom, which has been aired at prime-time of STB with the share of 8,3% for 14-49 50K+ audience since 2014 (Nielsen’s television audience research data belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia). The premiere of the first season (92 series) was in spring of 2014, on August 28, 2015 its second season has started, and the third season is being on track. The heroes are 5 Ukrainian married couples of different ages and on different stages of family relationships. The series is built on the short life stories.

Ukrainian team is working on this sketchcom and only Ukrainian actors are shot in the series. «We had a principled position to find exactly the Ukrainians. We wanted the series to have a local zest. Ukrainian viewers have to recognize themselves in the characters of our comedy. … The series is entertaining and easy-to-watch and, correspondently, very hard to produce,» — says Maksym Lytvynov, Director of Koly My Vdoma and Head of StarLight Films.

In the portfolio of the company there are also music videos for Arthur Semenov, Vlad Kurasov, Evhenii Lytvynkovych, Evhenii Khmara.

Head of StarLight Films — Maksym Lytvynov

+380 44 581 67 46

[email protected]

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine