StarLightMedia Group Trust Line

Welcome to the StarLightMedia Group Trust line.

Every day in our activity we are guided by the principles of integrity and follow the high standards of business conduct. Why? We believe that compliance with these principles is the key to the Group’s long-term success as well as to the creation of a transparent, competitive and efficient business environment in Ukraine.

The Group always keeps abreast of events. Therefore, we have created the Trust line to respond promptly to any violations within the Group that could adversely affect our reputation, financial results and internal processes.

The Trust line helps us to improve and become more efficient in cooperation with employees, contractors, business partners, government agencies and the outside world. We strongly support any person’s initiative to report breaches which occur inside the Group and guarantee confidentiality. A limited number of employees who are directly responsible for conducting an internal investigation have access to the information you have sent to the Trust line. The Group prohibits the prosecution in any form of persons who applied to the Trust Line.

Do not spread knowingly false information through the Trust line! In the case of defamation in this way, the perpetrators may be held liable in accordance with the applicable laws and internal regulatory documents of the Group.

Do you want to report an incident?

The application can be completed anonymously. We will consider all correctly executed applications.


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Please note that the Trust line is designed only for violations’ reporting. Only messages, which contain facts that can be verified, will be accepted for consideration.

Also, please, be advised that in the process of investigation of the appeals addressed to the Trust line, we are guided by the presumption of innocence and in any case do not consider a person in respect of whom the appeal was received, guilty of any breach only on the basis of the existence of such appeal.

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