StarLight Scenery

Full circle of creating, constructing and storing scenery and props for TV shows, serials, films, concerts, exhibitions

StarLight Scenery is the largest Ukrainian company providing a full circle of creating, constructing and storing scenery and props for TV shows, serials, films, concerts, exhibitions and other events.

StarLight Scenery was founded in 2010 as a part of STB channel. For the moment, we are the leaders of the Ukrainian television scenery market and we are actively developing on the international market (in 2014 projects in Kazakhstan are implemented).

Over the 2014-2015 years, 104 scenery projects and over 1’000 props items have been created.
Some of them are:

in Ukraine
STB channel: X-Factor, Tansiuiut Vsi!/Everybody’s Dancing!, MasterChef, Kulinarna Dynastiia/Culinary Dynasty, Pride of the Country, Vse Bude Dobre/Everything’s Going to Be All Right, 1 Za Vsikh/One For All, Kub/The Cube, Zvazheni ta Shchaslyvi/Weighted and Happy.
Novy Kanal: Spivai Yakshcho Zmozhesh/Sing If You Can, Khto Zverkhu?/Who’s on top?, PedanPrytulaShow, SuperIntuitsia/SuperIntuition.
ICTV: Maksymum v Ukraini/Maximum in Ukraine, Maschyna Chasu/Time Machine, Holovna Prohrama/The Main Program, Svoboda Slova/Freedom of Speech.
Ukraina Channel: Telezirka/Tele-star, Futbol live/Football live, Liha Ievropy/European League studios, Realna Mistyka/Real Mystic.
1+1 channel: Liha Smikhu/Laughter League.

TAN channel: KazNews, Tvoe UTRO/Your MORNING, Sportloto
NTK channel: Reviu/Review Studio

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Reliability, creativity and experience in fulfilling the most complex projects are the main qualities of StarLight Scenery. The Department provides a full service, from the concept and design to the storage and re-use.
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The main competence areas are:
– development of scenery and props design;
– development of the design for public and residential spaces;
– production of any complexity;
– creation of television scenery and studios;
– concert and entertainment events supporting;
– rental of mobile structures (for quick-erect podiums and stages);
– LED equipment rental;
– repair and interior design of any complexity.
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StarLight Scenery has a unique experience of production and its own production facilities. It has its own design and engineering office, production area of 800 square meters, a staff of 150 people, specialized equipment and stage constructions.
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All that leads to the fact, that the company is not limited in the number of projects, and is capable of producing more than 6 large-scale sceneries simultaneously.

An in-house development of StarLight Scenery is scenery-transformers. A unique conception allows shooting several projects in the same pavilion simultaneously. It is implemented in Maschyna Chasu/Time Machine and Holovna Prohrama/The Main Program (ICTV, 2013), and live broadcasts of X-Factor and Tansiuiut Vsi!/Everybody’s Dancing! (STB, autumn 2014). There is always a number of tactical innovations, such as: special fasteners for quick change of the scenery colours; mobile sets, which are easy to transport and install at the new location, and others.
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StarLight Scenery can carry out ‘today for today’ orders and ensure timely order fulfilment.

Props production shop is the pride of the company. Huge experience and skills of StarLight Scenery make it possible to implement any creative idea.

The company works with all modern materials: different types of plastic and acrylic, aluminium, LED strip lights, glass, wood, and decorative finishing materials.

Head of StarLight Scenery — Philip Nirod

+380 44 581 67 40

[email protected]

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine