StarLight Scenery

Full circle of creating, constructing and storing scenery and props for TV shows, serials, films, concerts, theaters

StarLight Scenery is the largest Ukrainian company providing a full circle of creating, constructing and storing scenery and props for TV shows, serials, films, concerts, theaters and other events.

Today the company is actively developing not only in Ukraine, but also in the international market. Geography of the implemented projects: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Austria, France, Switzerland.

For 7 years more than 300 projects of the complicated stage scenery were realized and 4,800 units of large props were created. Some of them:

TV projects:  National selection “Eurovision” 2017-2018 (Ukraine), Eurovision Kiev 2017 (props), Eurovision Lisabon-2018 (props), «X-factor» (8 seasons), «Ukraine’s Got Talent» (9 seasons), «Dances with stars», «Everybody’s Dancing» (8 seasons), «Sing if you can», «PedanPrytulaShow», «Surprise, surprise», «The CUBE», «Who’s on top?», «MasterChief», «Weighted and Happy», «One for All», «The Phenomenon», Invictus, «The Bachelor», «Evening with Haripova», «Top Model po-ukrainsky», «SuperIntuition», «Revisor Passion» and others.


Concerts and festivals: gala concert “The Big Wedding” (M1), Georgia Day: performance of Sukhishvili ballet in Kiev, Elton John concert in Kiev – Anti-AIDS (2012), «League of laughter», The Great Maslenitsa 2013 (6 scenes), Winter Country at VDNKh.

CEREMONY AWARDS AND THEATRICAL 3D SHOW: «TV triumph», «Pride of the country », «TV star», «Guards of Dreams», «The house of mysterious adventures», «Baron Munchausen»
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Reliability, creativity and experience in fulfilling the most complex projects are the main qualities of StarLight Scenery. The Department provides a full service, from the concept and design to the storage and re-use.

The main competence areas are:
– development of scenery and props design;
– production of any complexity;
– creation of television scenery and studios;
– concert and entertainment events supporting;
– rental of mobile structures (for quick-erect podiums and stages);

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The own development of StarLight Scenery are scenery-transformers. Its unique concept allows you to shoot several projects in one pavilion at the same time.

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Head of StarLight Scenery — Philip Nirod

Executive Director – Julia Prokhorova

+380 44 581 67 40 

[email protected]

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine