StarLightMedia Code of Ethics

The StarlightMedia Group (“SLM”) is a universal media holding and one of the key players in the Ukrainian media market. We are the leaders of TV viewing. Millions of viewers watch us every day. We have the largest in-house production in Eastern Europe and service companies, we develop online projects and organize events offline.

Considering the scale of the SLM and the specifics of our activity, we aware of our responsibility to the Ukrainian society and the business environment in which we operate. Therefore, we adhere to high ethical principles in the course of doing business. Indeed, the long-term success of the company depends not only on financial results but also on the methods by which they are achieved.

We believe that ethical business is the key to the stable and constant development of SLM and its reputation. Therefore, taking into account the best world practices, we have developed our own Code of Ethics (the “Code”).

The purpose of this Code is to establish ethical standards and develop a culture of compliance within the SLM.

The Code sets out principles, values and rules of the SLM’s daily activities. We believe that compliance with the Code will help us to strengthen the confidence of our clients, partners, employees and society in SLM, as well as to avoid violations.

Remember that there is no right way to do a wrong thing!


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