Long time leader of Ukrainian TV. The most popular shows here are self-produced ones

STB TV channel for many years holds a leading position among Ukrainian channels. The most popular shows here are self-produced ones: Ukraina Maie Talant!/Ukraine’s Got Talent!, Tansiuiut Vsi!/Everybody’s Dancing!, X-Faktor/X-Factor, Kholostiak/The Bachelor, Zvazheni ta Shchaslyvi/Weighted and Happy, MasterShef/MasterChef, Bytva Ekstrasensiv/Clash of Psychics, Khata na Tata/Daddy’s House and others.

On June 2d, 1997 this national television channel was aired for the first time.

In 2015, STB, with a share of 10.01% for the target audience 14-49, and 9.56% for the target audience 18-54 (here and further figures are given for 50K+, Nielsen’s television audience research data belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia) has proved its position as a leader of Ukrainian television.

During the time that the channel has been a part of StarLightMedia Group, STB’s self-produced projects have gained the most popularity.

Ukraina Maie Talant/Ukraine’s Got Talent! is probably the main entertainment show of the country, which shows the Ukrainians from all cities and villages, who evoke pride in our hearts. One can hear both Russian and Ukrainian, watch children and elderly people performing in this talent show; income, workplace or physical beauty don’t matter here. The main thing is to be talented and share your talent with the audience. Ukraina Maie Talant has been already broadcasted on STB for 8 seasons. The last one stars children as participants.

X-Faktor (X-Factor format) is a vocal talent show, very sincere and beautiful. Young performers get an opportunity to prove themselves in front of the star judges and millions of viewers. And they put their heart and soul, invest all their strength to take an advantage of this chance.

Tantsiuiut Vsi/Everybody’s Dancing! (SoYouThinkYouCanDance? format) – with the production of this talent show in 2008, the triumphal procession of large-scale projects of STB’s own production began. Challenge, beauty, passion, and, by all means, growth, both creative and professional, of every participant, who managed it to the end, are the main features of the show.

Zvazheni ta Shchaslyvi/Weighted and Happy (The Biggest Loser format) is a project about overcoming yourself in one of the most difficult things: getting rid of excess weight. The participants of the project seem to have lost their hope, but television gives them a chance, which everybody masters in their own way. There is no magical surgery, only everyday hard work on self-cultivation, only the power of will. Zvazheni ta Shchaslyvi has been on for 5 seasons.
Зважені та щасливі

1 Za Vsikh/One for All social talk show investigates life stories, which trigger the questions like ‘How could it happen?’ and ‘What should we do now?’. But the heroes, who brought themselves to come to the program, really change their destinies. The highest watching records belong exactly to Odyn Za Vsikh.
Один за всех

One more project about the skeletons in the closets of the ordinary people is Detektor Brekhni/The Polygraph show. In this social and psychological project, in which researchers, tax inspectors, school principals, doctors and teachers go through polygraph examination, retelling their life stories that are often sealed books even for their close relatives. And for society they are taboos at all.
Детектор брехні

In autumn TV season of 2015, Bytva Ekstrasensiv/Clash of Psychics (Psychic Challenge format)
Битва экстрасенсов

and in spring TV season of 2016 Slidstvo Vedut Ekstrasensy/Sleuthing is Led By Psychics (STB’s self-designed format) is aired. In the program people with paranormal abilities not only surprise the viewer, but also help to investigate crimes, in which culprit is not found or the guilt of the convicted person is being questioned.

A new project of the channel called Ya Soromlius Svoho Tila/I’m Ashamed Of My Body (Embarassing Bodies format) has aroused particular interest of the audience. The first season (2014) had average  share of 18.66%, and the second (2015) had average share of 19.2%. The participants who have lost hope to regain a healthy and beautiful body on their own and need help come to the project. For example, a patient, who was the first to visit the doctors of the project, – Tetyana Lapchenko – whose legs increased to the unimaginable proportions due to the lymphatic stagnation, was saved, even in a non-surgical way. The mission of Ya Soromlius Svoho Tila is to show the Ukrainians how dangerous it is to neglect diseases, which often can be cured by timely medical intervention.

The continuation of the medical topic became Za Zhyve!/To the Quick! talk show (channel’s self-designed format). It is based on the amazing, complicated, and sometimes shocking stories of the people, who faced or have already managed to defeat the disease, which had been making their lives unbearable. Talk show experts carry out medical experiments live on television and clearly explain the audience the complex biological and physiological processes in the human body.
За живе

Also in 2014, the TV-channel launched one more self-designed project – Davai Pohovorymo Pro Sex/Let’s Talk About Sex revealing show, which has immediately received high TV viewing rates.
Analyzing the problems of sexual life of the couples under the tactful guidance of the specialists, the project helps the Ukrainians to build enduring and happy family couples.

Vse Bude Dobre/Everything’s Going to Be All Right (a self-designed format of the channel) is a daily women’s TV-magazine, a leader of Ukrainian daytime television. Vse Bude Smachno/Everything’s Going to Be Delicious is a culinary weekend program. These are the programs, which give female viewers useful tips about life, relationships, cooking, economy, health, and beauty.
Все буде добре

MasterShef (MasterChef format) is a cooking show where passions run high, ambitions are going wild and conflicts are inevitable – and all of these are against the background of exotic recipes, impartial and strict judges and delicious dishes. In 2016 MasterShef is starring children as participants.
МастерШеф Дети

The most romantic TV show of the country — Kholostiak/Bachelor– (format The Bachelor) has been on for 6 seasons, during which a dancer, prince, plastic surgeon, businessman,  sportsman, and producer have been in the place of the main fiancé of the country. In this reality the main character meets girls on a romantic dates, and in each episode, by a decision of the bachelor, one girl leaves the project. In the final, the hero offers his hand and heart to his beloved one. Kholostiak post-show – Yak vyity zamizh/How to get married studio program – is also constantly in demand among the female viewers.

Kokhana, my vbyvaiemo ditei/Honey, we’re killing the kids (Honey, we’re killing the kids format) is one of STB’s social projects. Its heroes are families, in which parents and kids are leading unhealthy lifestyle, and their relationship could result in disastrous consequences. During the project, the psychologists provide the family with the ‘bible’ – a step-by-step guide for their spesific situation. To bring up healthy and happy children, and to keep up the same image for yourself is not an easy task, but thanks to the project, participants are changing themselves and set an example for the audience.

One more social project of the channel is Vriatuite Nashu Simiu/Save Our Family (channel’s self-designed format): it’s also about the troubled families, but in this case the problems have to do with the relationship between husbands and wives.Врятуйте нашу сімю

Another STB’s project is Khata na Tata/Daddy’s House (a self-deigned format of the channel). It solves probably the most frequent family problem: a wife has been tired of family life routine, and a husband doesn’t help her and never appreciates her work. Having stayed in charge of the family for a week, the man changes his opinion about his wife, who ‘is sitting around at home’. Khata na Tata format has been sold to Poland and Baltic countries.
Хата на тата

All these projects, positioning of the channel, TV viewing data — all of these is saying that STB is the main channel for the female audience of the country. Even the STB site holds the first place in ‘women sites’ category.

Vikna Novyny/Window News is the first non-state Ukrainian television news program, which has been already broadcasted for 20 years! Newscasts of Vikna Novyny at 18:00 and 22:00 are invariably in the top 10 programs of whole Ukrainian television per day. An average share of the main Vikna Novyny newscast — at 22:00 — in 2014, made up 11,94% for the target audience aged 14-49 in 50K+ cities.

It is worth mentioning that the contribution of the self-produced programs of STB at prime-time of the TV-channel makes up about 90% both in timing and in rating.

STB is the channel, which every day confirms its slogan: ‘Everything’s possible!’

Head of STB — Volodymyr Borodianskyi

Programming director of STB — Serhii Nazarov

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