Svoie Teplo

Svoie Teplo/Your Warmth — a social project of StarLightMedia — was launched on 5 September, 2014. The goal of the project is for Ukrainians to become more energy efficient and consume less heat and gas already in 2015.

We took on a job of explaining to the millions of the Ukrainians such a complex and important for the country topic as energy efficiency, motivating them to insulate their homes and install gas-meters. We have chosen this topic as it is important, values-oriented, and relevant: it is clear what is to be done, and the effect of the actions is transparent and measurable.

Ordinary human warmth and the warmth in our homes are somehow similar, and today everybody should strive for “saving their warmth”, regardless of the circumstances, – is stated in the press release dedicated to the start of the project.

At that time a series of five social ads was aired on the channels of StarLightMedia.

Commercials were shown 5’033 times in total, 80% of the Ukrainians saw them more than 3 times (TV audience research data belongs to TIC, the panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring by Communications Alliance. Data is provided by StarLightMedia and designed for a target audience aged 4+, 50K+).

Besides airtime, group’s Internet capabilities were involved: there were 3.4 million ad impressions in the Internet.

58 TV news stories reflecting Ukrainian and European examples of the efficient energy use were aired on Group’s channels. They appeared in such programs as Vikna-Novyny (Window News) and Vse Bude Dobre (Everything’s Going to Be All Right) on STB; Fakty (Facts), Hrazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense) and Distalo! (Enough!) on ICTV; Reporter and Abzats! (End of Story!) on Novy Channel.

The group also involved its TV stars in the project. They talked about the fact, that they themselves saved warmth and gas, and explained how they did it, thus confirming that energy saving is a question not of status but approach.

On the site of the project one can find there simple guidelines of how any Ukrainian, regardless of income, can use energy more efficiently: from the most affordable way (to put a heat screen behind the battery) to more expensive (to carry out an energy audit of the building, set a heat meter and weather regulator in multistory buildings). With the help of Svoie Teplo, experts on energy efficiency gave answers to more than 2000 the Ukrainians’ questions, received through the website.

Experts estimated that at the launching of the project the energy saving potential of Ukraine had accounted for 10 billion cubic meters of gas (more than 4 billion dollars). According to Naftogaz-Ukraina, during the first period of the project, from September 2014 to May 2015, the consumption of gas by the population of Ukraine has decreased by 15%, from 12.9 billion cubic meters to 10.9 (total consumption directly and through district heating providers, excluding the Crimea), and 6.8 thousand domestic gas meters has been installed.

fedoriv International Marketing Company designed a logo for the project pro bono. World Bank Group (Energy Efficiency in Ukrainian Housing Sector IFC project), Ecoclub Rivne environmental public organization, Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine USAID project, Energy Saving in Kyiv Administrative and Public Buildings Project Implementation Group Municipal Enterprise (KYIVESKO), Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Slava Frolova Group, Ukrainian Energy Independence Group of Oleksandr Ksenofontov, Head of housing and municipal programs Tetiana Boiko (OPORA Civil Network), lawyer of the Municipal Development Institute Dmytro Levytskyi, Independent Expert on Energy Efficiency Ihor Cherkashyn, as well as enterprises (Danfoss,, Bautech Ukraine, Lviv Sanitary Technician, Promalp and others) have been helping Svoie Teplo.

Not only our physical comfort, but also the independence of the country we live in and our children dream of, depends on our care for the warmth. Energy saving and accounting is the way for mature and responsible people who can make their own decisions, instead of just following the imposed ideas. That’s why we want every Ukrainian family to understand how important is it to protect ‘the warmth’ in their homes and souls, and that they really should invest some effort in it.

In 2015, StarLightMedia organized Warmth in My House contest for high school pupils and students.