Vavёrka Production

Comic Genres on Television

Created in 2012, Vavёrka Production specializes in comic genres on television.

Among the finished projects of the Vavёrka there is Koly My Vdoma/When We’re Home successful sketchcom, which has been aired at prime-time of STB with the share of 8,3% for 14-49 50K+ audience since 2014 (Nielsen’s television audience research data belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia).

This sketchсom is about the evolution of the family relationships — from the beginning of a marriage to an old age. Main characters are five Ukrainian married couples of different age and at the different stages of family relationships, who are always getting into various funny stories. Events in this comedy series unfold within the walls of the apartments, in which the pairs live, and the series is built on the short stories from the family life.

In the second season, Koly My Vdoma from a sketchcom turned into a full-fledged comedy series. Characters met each other, and stories, happening with them, became even funnier.

CEO of Vavёrka — Dmytro Tankovych

+38 0 44 501 98 98, ext. 2100

[email protected]

1 Shevtsova Str., 03113, Kyiv, Ukraine