Media Investment

If you are a manufacturer with a high-quality product, well-established distribution, and a fair price; if you have never advertised on television, feel a lack of available capital, or are unsure of the effects of TV advertising, then this media investment project is for you.

Media investment is an exclusive tool for risk-sharing in the TV advertising market.  Ukrainian media group StarLightMedia (the STB, ICTV, New Chanel, M1, M2, and OCE TV channels) is ready to invest its advertising time and experience in promising brands and in developing a business partnership.

We are ready to invest up to 50% of the commercial costs in your advertising campaign and make a financial and investment model for you, using a customized approach to the payment schedule.

StarLightMedia receives a return on investment through additional sales (the media for revenue model) generated by advertising.

We are confident that television is effective in building and promoting strong, successful, and profitable brands. More than 30 projects that we have launched since 2013 convince us of the enormous potential and effectiveness of this tool. This confidence allows us to safely invest our media resources in a joint business project, sharing the success and risks of developing new products with our partners.

StarLightMedia Group considers this project to be introducing the best international media investment practices to Ukraine. We want more strong national brands to appear in Ukraine.


Eugenia Kudryavtseva
Head of Media Investment and CEO Star Up Plus Agency
[email protected]