Social Responsibility

StarLightMedia is implementing several projects of corporate social responsibility: Pride of the Country, support of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, Svoie Teplo (Your Warmth) energy saving project, Dobrii Znak (Good Sign) product quality and safety mark. The group is constantly helping Ukrainian soldiers involved in the ATO, and supports cultural events in the country.

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace (UBB)

Since 2013, StarLightMedia has been supporting the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace (UBB) by broadcasting stories to raise funds for people in the need of help. UBB is the first independent nationwide social online philanthropy infrastructure that creates, maintains and promotes the interaction between donors, NGOs (Operators of Help), and recipients of help. Every person, company or organization can easily find and support any charity project by their own choice at the site UBB thoroughly controls that all the given money has been spent only for its intended purpose. As of the April of 2016, Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace has collected more than 66 million hryvnias.

Iryna Storozhenko, STB: «Since 2013, STB supports the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace(UBB) as the most transparent charity fundraising platform in Ukraine. Our main aim is to make charity a part of Ukrainians’ lifestyle. Since we can’t describe the pain of every person, we want to get across to people that this pain is not somewhere out there, but here, in the neighboring house, next door, in the opposite window. Maybe soon we won’t need a TV story to see a miracle. People will learn how to help each other, together, without any appeals across the whole country. On, every person, every business can find and easily support any charity project of their choice. UBB carefully controls all the donations and ensures that they are spent for the intended purpose.»


Iryna Gutsal, UBB: «Cooperation with Vikna-Novyny news program is a huge contribution to the development of mass charity and help in raising funds for the most urgent charity projects. Thanks to the constant highlights on Blahodijnist v odyn klik/Charity in One Click special news section, we can tell about the pressing social problems and troubles, providing a lot of people with the tools of modern help, as Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace is a good example, which proves that even one hryvnia (a minimum donation sum on the website) can save a person’s life. We appreciate the involvement of STB’s viewers into the life stories of the heroes. Not once, after the broadcasting of the stories we immediately saw the growth of donations, which included hundreds of people at once. We are thrilled and excited to witness, as the amount of aid for a child who needs a bone marrow transplantation abroad (and it may be 3 million hryvnias or even more), is quickly growing after the story. Everybody helps as much as they can, with 5, or with 10 hryvnias. But when the number of donors is measured in thousands, the received sum is impressive. Thank you for your trust. Ensuring transparency and accountability, UBB web platform allows all the philanthropists to be sure that their donations will get directly to those who need help, and, what’s more, allows them to track the history of the people they’ve helped.»

Holiday For Abandoned Children

Having launched Zymova Kraina/Winter Сountry, the most ambitious entertainment area in Ukraine, and Vartovі Mrii/ Dream Guards unique 3D-show in December 2015, StarLightMedia provided special charity visits for orphans and children with disabilities. More than 3’000 children from disadvantaged groups visited Huliandiia/Playland, Santa Claus Residence and Museum of Ice Sculptures, sledged down the ice hill, skated on the open-air skating rink and watched an amazing 3D fairy tale, in which the good triumphs over the evil, and always will, because that’s what is right.

Svoie Teplo


One the 5th of September 2014, we launched a social project on energy saving called Svoie Teplo (Your Warmth). We took on a job of explaining to the millions of the Ukrainians such a complex and important for this country topic as energy efficiency, motivating them to winterize their homes and install meters. At that time a series of five social ads was aired on the channels of StarLightMedia. Commercials were shown 5’033 times in total, 80% of the Ukrainians saw them more than 3 times (TV audience research data belongs to TIC, the panel operator is Nielsen; monitoring — Communications Alliance. Data is provided by StarLightMedia for a target audience 4+, 50K+). Besides airtime, group’s Internet capabilities were involved: there were 3.4 million project ad impressions in the Internet.

58 materials reflecting Ukrainian and European examples of the efficient energy use were aired on group’s channels.

The group also involved its TV stars in the project. Media faces talked about the fact, that they themselves saved warmth and gas. The site of the project has been launched on своетепло.укр domain. One can find there simple guidelines of how any Ukrainian, regardless of income, can use energy more efficiently. According to Naftogaz-Ukraina, during the first period of the project, from September 2014 to May 2015, the consumption of gas by the population of Ukraine has decreased by 15%, from 12,9 billion cubic meters to 10,9 (total consumption directly and through district heating providers, excluding the AR of Crimea), and 6,8 thousand domestic gas meters has been installed.

Dobryi Znak

Dobryi Znak (Good Sign) is independent national system of products’ quality and safety control established by STB in 2014, and it is based on the strictest requirements for product. Participation in Dobryi Znak project means a complex check of the manufacturing process and the product itself on meeting Ukrainian and European standards for food quality and safety. Bila Liniia dairy products, Tulchynka vegetable-cream mixes, GOOD FOOD sour, Karpatska Dzherelna bottled mineral water, Rud and Lasunka ice-cream, Semki seeds are already awarded with this Dobryi Znak mark. For the second year in a row TM Tulchinka vegetable-cream mixes to successfully tested in European laboratories and obtain recognition of Good Mark.

The mission of Dobryi znak is to help single out among the companies those ones, which care about the quality and safety of their products. At the first stage all aspects of production that influence products’ quality are checked, ranging from raw materials used to manufacture the products to personnel competence. The second stage is product’s safety control that includes a test for all potentially dangerous components. The final stage involves honesty check, an indicator of which is correspondence between product’s description and the actual product’s ingredients. Producers who successfully passed the test are honoured with a special products’ quality and safety mark — a Good Mark.



The Group regularly supports Ukrainian soldiers involved in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and helps forced internal migrants. In 2014, for example, M1 channel organized a Charitable concert for the injured at Kyiv Central Hospital and created a party for migrant children. It is just one example out of dozens. We create and broadcast ads supporting peace in the country. In April 2014, for example, there was an ad called «Eyes on Mother!» on StarLightMedia’s channels to raise funds for the Ukrainian army over 565 mobile line. During the three months of broadcasting, 32’862 million hryvnias was transferred to the account of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine through 565 line. StarLightMedia contribution to this amount is estimated to be 89.2% (the share of ad views on the channels of the group), which is 29’313 million hryvnias. In total, more than a dozen of social commercial concerning the armed conflict in the Eastern Ukraine has been shown.

Pride of the Country


StarLightMedia is a partner of Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Pride of the Country project, in which ordinary people, whose lives and actions have become an example of bravery, courage, self-sacrifice and kindness, are rewarded. Pride of the Country award is given in 11 categories: ‘Child’s Courage’, ‘Doctor of the Year’, ‘Personal Achievement’, ‘Sense of Duty’, ‘The Record of the Year’, ‘Outstanding Examples of Courage’, ‘Rare Talent’, ‘Strength of the Spirit’, ‘All Together’, ‘The National Hero’ and ‘Family Story’.

On the 25th of January 2003, the first broadcasting of the awarding ceremony of Pride of the Country was held on Novy Channel. Pride of the Country is about those, whose actions are often invisible in the daily routine, but the entire country should learn about them, as thanks to these people we feel proud for living in Ukraine. We want these actions, which can serve an example for all, to receive wide recognition in the society.

Cultural events

StarLightMedia regularly supports large cultural events which take place in the country, providing promos on the resources of the Group, TV and online, for them. In 2015, we became a media partner of multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art «GOGOLfest» and Kiev International Film Festival «Molodist».

In general, in StarLightMedia there is a policy of encouraging grass roots social initiatives. We strive for Ukrainian society to reach such stage of development when many people consciously take part in charity and volunteering, making the world around them better.